Round 9 2017 – Dinos vs Ducks

Round 9 – 12TH August 2017 – Dinos vs Ducks

As the rain poured down, we readied ourselves for a day made for ducks. On arrival to the ground and walking into the Pav, it was obvious that Fantarama had hit Dalyellup with Kev, Fish and Guesty dressing up the hospital ward into something that looked almost inviting. Tangerine table cloths, Fanta promo material and Justin Fantasia faces spewed across the room in a fitting effort for one of our favorites in celebration of 50 games.

The Ducks arrived with only 11 players plus stalwart and ex-East Perth star Magoo as an administrator so it was over to a few Jurassic Parkers to separate from the brotherhood and pop a black and yellow jumper on. Duffy, Wal, Zac, Maybs, Capt Jack, Mocha and Donk were good enough to roll with the Ducks. Reever grabbed a whistle, a flouro vest and popped in some ear plugs in preparation to umpire the game. Griever took the magnetic board allowing Maybs and Barbs to have a full run for the first time this year. Well done boys, your efforts made for an enjoyable contest.

Murray ‘Townsville’ Wharton had organised for everyone to play in a ‘Fanta 50’ head band (Dools the only one to miss out but guess what…yep, he had one already). With so many Dinos playing for the Ducks it was handy to see where we were on the ground by the white head bands. Zac and Timbo shaped up in the ruck and did a top job for the visitors, Duffy was a nightmare up front, Guesty kept his goal sneak tag intact with a sausage roll, Maybs was fearless in a bone crunching Donk spear tackle to play out the game, Wal blew a string early with a cross court dash that summed up the boys endeavor and stamped us as solid hosts.

On the other side of things, Condo had a great crack across the half back, Juice bagged 4, Shredder proved a very mobile ruck with clean hands in the middle and Kingy and Potts won the bottles at presos.

The game was in the balance when Fanta attacked the ball in a selfless act that put life and limb at risk. Reever with a sense of occasion, blew the whistle and gave our man the chance to ice the game. Words of encouragement like, ‘no way he can make the distance’ came from his supportive team mates. The ball was laid down and with a few spins prior to laying it on the boot, through the middle she went, which triggered a huddle that lingered a little bit long but the cat was out of the bag already, there was a lot of love in the room.

After a few beers and a shower, we donned the washed head bands and kicked presentations off with a medal ceremony that included a bit of bad poetry.

Fanta – The Essence of Schweppervescence

Fanta the drink is a tangerine fizz

And that sums up our back pocket whizz

A key component to the Dino essence

So here’s to the king of Schweppervescence


Not many of you will know

Our man is a black belt in taekwondo

Not that Fants is a fighting man

If lovers wore belts, he’d be a 3rd Dan


Weaving n bouncing is his signature move

And out on the dance floor he finds his groove

Heavy metal tunes dominate his music collection

Old school Pantera gives him an uplifting [experience]


Coke is it ?! Coke is shit !

As Michael Stipe said in his worldwide hit

I’ve got my spine, I’ve got my orange crush

And like Agent Orange our man kills every forward rush


With a Golden Fist already in the trophy box

His 2017 opponents eaten more humble porridge than Goldilocks

Plays like Tarzan but built like Yoda

A Golden Dino one day, that’s a soda


With the coaches comments out of the way, we dined on assorted pasta dishes and enjoyed each others company before the Dunzy boys hit the road and left it to the Dinos and their families.

Next week we are off to Perth for the Carny so it’s a light run on Thursday and then that’s it for another year of hard hitting Masters footy.



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