Game # 7 Dinos vs Busso

DSC_05024.30pm rolled around and we had 7 players on the bus and about half a dozen likely self drivers. After hanging around a bit longer hoping a few extras would arrive, swinging past Shagga’s place to get his boots, going back to the shed to get the jumpers (we missed our property manager big time) and scraping Rowey up on the way…we hit the road a date with destiny.

As if we weren’t off enough, Haousty had returned recently from the hippy area around Coffs Harbor with some music so mellow it would have made Neil from the Young Ones happy…as we pulled into the Busselton ground, we were like a dozen rabbits with myxomatosis…blurred eyes and moving like Grenville Dietrich in his twilight years.

We threw our gear in the change rooms and wandered out onto a soggy oval which included a moat around the southern side. The ball went up and 15 minutes later we had been jumped with only a few points on the board and The Maggie’s had 4 or 5 goals in the pocket. Juice and Rowey scrapped hard to restricted the damage with Corey doing a very good job in the ruck.

The second term was better with the Dino’s kicking the first goal and we would have won the 3rd marginally with the final stanza pretty even so over all about a 6 goal loss which we would have taken at quarter time for sure. A solid effort from Reever, Fanta, Rowey, Juice and Corey with Duffy the only forward to fire a shot. Big up to Shagga, Hutto and 40 who never intended on playing due to injury but as playing stocks where low, pulled the boots on and battled manfully. Soda pop ran water all night with his back up Haousty (our only paid player earning his way) doing an impression of a long range water bomber arriving after the fire had been put out…did his best work holding up the magnets for sure.

We presented the Busso Prez with a gold handled mop for cleaning up the fixture mess and rescheduling the rescheduled fixtures that allowed us to have a game this weekend. The Magpie crew are probably the best organized of the competition with an active 13 man committee and put on a great spread that put Sizzler to shame for buffet variety…steaks, salads and potato done 100 different ways.

We’d had a few beers to wash away the stench of defeat so the mood on the bus was good. The Nard was hit in typical Dinosaur style and we lit the place up with Yagaer bombs exploding all over the main bar. Haousty drove through the night and dropped crew where they needed to be dropped, even successfully talking a couple of Dinos out of kicking on in which is the equivalent of Putin telling his grand kids not to play with matches…sure to trigger a few fines later in the week.

Gutsy effort boys and now we’re carnival bound !!!


Game # 6 – Dinos vs Ducks at Jurassic Park

This game signaled the last home game for the year and fittingly we raised the bat and welcomed the 50th and 51st players for the year in Ben ‘Duffy’ Duff and Andrew ‘Wal’ Waller. Both of these gentlemen are highly respected pillars of the community and from both their games on the weekend, will be an asset both on and off Jurassic Park.

It was telegraphed during the week by the boys from Dunsborough that the Ducks were a bit light on for players, arriving with a dirty dozen. As has been the case for most of the year, we had a great turnout for those keen to don the tangerine and could make up their numbers with guys who had not done the walk of shame before and played for the opposition. The hired guns for the day would be Frank, Griever, Fos, Duffy, Steve and big Marky Mark. A big up to these boys as they all put in sterling performances in the unfamiliar black and gold (must have almost killed Duffy as a die hard Essendon supporter) and made the day for the guys from Dunsborough with their best player for the day commenting that ‘it was the most enjoyable game for the whole year’. This is a big tick for us to enable an undermanned opposition to get something out of the day and in the end, we all got a bit more game time, tested ourselves against our buddies and met a few new guys as team mates. Don’t get any ideas Duffy, although you’re only on a one year contract due to past injuries, you are contracted to the end of next year.

Anyway…onto the game.

The forecast was for light breezes, a cool day and no rain which is exactly what we got. Dunsborough provided Phil The Reliable as umpire and we had the whistle happy Keech to contend with. The ball was bounced and within a couple of minutes Muzz had cut across the path of his good mate Gunja at full forward to take a mark and slotted a goal for the home side. The quarter was an even, slightly messy affair with Wal showing flashes of class and more moving parts than Jamie Abbs at this weekends GAT auction (if you haven’t got a ticket to this year, please give Muzz a buzz at Warrick Welding early this week), Pearsy was bizzy, Mill and Rowey had some extra responsibility with Bask and Juice not playing and the back line carried on from the Collie game with most of our first picked back six Hutto/Fanta/Hoggs/Shagga rolling. Duffy hit the score board for the opposition in what we hoped would be his only signal that this was the last time he would be farmed out…that wasn’t the case and an appropriate fine will be issued come Thursday. The second quarter was a dower struggle with a K.Pears snap one of the highlights, Haousty still hadn’t come out of the square in his trademark centerman’s running pattern of a tight 50sqm, Duffy continued to pepper the goals for the away team.

The second half saw a few changes with Hutto gaining some control as the umpy after an inconsistent performance from #23 in the flouro vest that would have had Jeff Geischan tearing his hair out and ‘Tank’ from the Ducks letting me know that no matter how bad a player I might be, I’d be better at that. The 3rd quarter started with a fine so although the quality of ball was a bit down, the Tupperware will be getting a work out on Thursday. Details will be revealed at training but it involved a Dinosaur running the same way he had just finished running in the second…you beauty!! (this had been hit hard in 2014 so if you name rhymes with ‘Snowy’ bring ya wallet). Kingy was moved from the unfamiliar back half, which to his credit he stayed in, to go on a feeding frenzy and kicked 3 goals from set shots. Duffy sold Fanta a lolly shop, missed Fos with the hand pass but was having that kind of day and found a Duck for another assist…he had now kicked 3 and was clearly their best.

The last break came and Haousty had done his calf so Hutto suggested a back pocket…’no, i can’t really go on’ and gave a little wince or two to ram home his discomfort. No sooner had a forward pocket been suggested than the calf got loose and our Blanket was ready for one last dash at the line….something appropriate for the Tupperware please Heals. Fos had been bizzy all day without getting on the board but as he’s in career best form, it just had to happen….yep, he slotted his first goal on Jurassic Park. It might not have been in the tangerine but the way his was strutting and high stepping around the ground, you wouldn’t have known it. The final whistle sounded and it was the end of an enjoyable hit out, played in good spirits and gave most as much footy as we wanted.

It was time for a few beers, a shower (cold, but we will get to that) and presentations.

After Micky Grieve had bragged about his brandy gravy during the week..apparently the kids were putting the leftovers from the night before on their weeties, it was that good….he was challenged to produce some for after the game….wow, was I looking forward to that on a cold day in the middle of winter. Unfortunately he decided that the last home game of the year did not warrant that effort so produced an alternative that would have seen him voted off master chef in the first 5 minutes. I am sure the Tupperware will get a work out for this deed which can probably get rolled into the fine as the property steward for providing smelly jumpers, bringing half as much sliced beef as asked for and while we’re on a roll, the cold showers could probably fall under his property/game day operations manager duties as well …in fact Bask, just get hold of his bank details before pay day and we’ll redirect the lot this week. The credits for making the gravy, opening up the pav, cleaning up the pav and locking up the joint will have to be considered by the court…big up Griever ;-)!!

Best players for us were: Kingy and Kev ‘Barney Rubble’ Pears (his wife was also seen using his fluffy leopard print stubby holder on the night so there’s probably another fine there). Shagga’s absence from Fines Master duties should be taken advantage of and if Hammer sees fit, given the Ducks wanted to give their best player to his mark in Duffy, its 5 clams for the Tupperware from old shag bags.

Well done to Griever for the above, Mangers for the drinks, Hutto for the shuffling of magnets and umpiring and the boys who played for the Ducks which made a proper game of it.

Now it’s a month until our next/last game so most likely we will organise a scratch match in a couple of weeks (Georgiana Molloy was discussed with Deano Owens at the start of the year so will probably check that out first) to keep game hardened for a monster bus trip on July 26th in Busselton.

#23 out

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Dinosaurs End of Season Trip – Walpole 2013

The Presidents 11 : Steve Baskerville, Craig Hall, Luke Conforti, Chris Simbas, Mike Kelly, Scott Sarre, Shane Jones, Nic Ogden, Murray Wharton, Andrew King and Bill Keech.

This tour was written and authorised by Scott Sarre, a man with Walpole roots. Scott did a magnificent job of creating two nights away that photographed like something out of the Hangover series of movies.

The Go West bus kicked off from The Parks at midday on Fri 1st Nov and headed south through the magnificent forests towards the Valley of the Giants and Walpole’s Nornalup Inlet. Along the way we ran into Rosco McGlashan’s Aussie Invader which set the scene for a high octane evening. After numerous relief stops (even with Scotty driving) which saw the wheel checked on each stop and a shooter consumed by some lucky punter, we arrived at the Walpole Hotel and immediately had a ceremonial pony under the whale dick (4 meter whale penis above the main bar [insert Reever joke here]).



Brian Sarre arrived in a green army Jeep straight out of Mash and each member of the touring 11 took turns in paying their respects to the papal father of WA full backs. We met a critical member of staff, Mark the head barman and the owner’s son Damian who handed out the keys to our 5 penthouse suites with views of the other penthouses. We dined in the hotel’s restaurant that first night and the general consensus was, ‘sensational’ with steaks and reef & beef dishes complimented with a few nice bottles of red ned…as Jamie Oliver would say, “Happy Days!!”.

From this point onwards, things get a little ambiguous…Squares had arrived in town so the Carey Park kids headed to his house like a lamb looks for its mothers teat. A couple of large performers for the night were Jonah who stared by all accounts on this favoured vocals/percussions, Hally and Simba danced the night away on the bar, and Sarrey and Bask stood watch over everyone all night.

Night 1 : 3 votes C. Hall, 2 votes S. Sarre, 1 vote S Baskerville…honourables to S. Jones

Saturday morning was initially 2 hours of piecing the night together with photos and tales, a quick kick of the footy and we were off to The Royal and Ancient Walpole Golf Club. The ladies at the club were waiting for us with a cooked breaky that got smashed as hard as a few of the boys the night before, all enjoyed looking over one of the best views from a clubhouse going around.

We were organised into groups of 2s and 3s and played an ambrose competition for the coverted Dino Cup. The leading vote getters from the night before were found wanting with Sarrey getting swooped by maggies and Hally launching his clubs into lakes and trees. Mean while Basky and Jonah were holding their groups together in a great show of being able to play under duress and Oggy was showing everyone how it is done. Eventually the talent laden team of King, Jones and Kelly won out by a single shot.

The CWA was not finished with us and on arrival back to the club house, it was very welcome steak and salad. The bar was opened for us and we chilled in the sun with a few beers, watched some bowls and compared notes for the night ahead with some stating that they were committed to finishing what they had started the night before….oh dear.

On getting back to the pub the syndicate of Keech, Baskerville (on reflection, this boy was in everything), Conforti and Simbas put together a betting run the likes the pub has not seen. $48 down over 4 races for a $60 collect…we were in beer for 5 minutes. Mean while the pool table had caught fire with Juice sinking them from all angles and doing some impressive celebrations before the balls had dropped. We had a quick dinner in the restaurant again and settled into the front bar for a final run at the line.

Kingy has been slowing building all tour and tonight he took off like a rocket while the steady hand on the wheel, Murrington Wharton found a man doing push ups on the bar and invited him back to his room which made for a few laughs. Sarrey watched his old boy walk out of the pub and immediately hit the wall..’that’s it, i’m out’ was his call and he hit the hay after a very solid hitout…somehow the Basky train rolled on.

Night 2 : 3 votes C. Hall, 2 votes A. King, 1 vote M. Wharton…honourables to C. Simbas    

On the bus home we discussed next years trip and came up with Rottnest Is which should provide all mater of chaos. A big thanks to our wives and kids for doing the necessaries to make this trip away possible. Men’s mental health in Australia is in decline and these ‘back to nature’ tours are like a car’s annual full service which sees us all come home with a little more air in the tyres and friendships built.

Well done boys on a safe trip away with plenty of belly laughs. Look out Rotto, here come the Dinos,



A very successful AGM was held @ Jurassic Park last night with over 30 Dino’s in attendance. See details below;

Committee Members for season 2014   Initial meeting Wed 4th Dec 6pm-7pm (first Wednesday in the month) at the Keech Res. Below crew, please put that date and time into your diary.  

Prez – Bill Keech Liaise with Masters league and other clubs and communicate necessaries to the Dinos. Presentations at training, games, carnivals and dinners.  

Vice Prez – Kevin Pears This role will be to copied in on everything Presidential and be called apon in the absence of the Prez   Treasurer – Steve Baskerville Setting the budget. Monitoring and transferring monies in and out of the Dinosaur account.  

Secretary – Dags Gittos Minutes at meetings   Coach – Lee Hutton Training and game day agenda  

Assistant Coach – Ben Johnson Back up for training and game day coaching  

Captain – Murrington Wharton Business as usual  

Sponsorship Directors – Murray, Scott Sarre, Dags Gittos Meeting the annual revenue budget set by the treasurer  

Media Director – Justin and Shona Fantasia with Bill Keech doing reports Game day pics + interviews  

Transport Minister – Dave Haoust Providing buses at will  

Social Director – Shane Jones Organise Perth Carnival accommodation and dinner, end of season dinner and end of season trip  

Game Day Directors – Dan Mangan and Mick Hoggan Training and home game purchase of drinks and food (depositing from the till to the bank account as funds build up with and eye on what social events are coming up)  

Fines Master – Craig Hall and Chris Simbas Combing the social pages for fine-able offences and holding court at training  

Property Steward – Mike Grieve Set up oval and changerooms (jumpers, first aid, water bottles, ..) and organise umpires for home games   Note: If there is anyone who was not there last night who would like to do something, please let me know as most positions are best shared.  


Ace’s Farewell tomorrow (thurs at the shed at 7.30) + AGM


Anyone involved our first 3 yrs, please do your best to drop into the shed tomorrow night (even if just briefly to just slap Ace on the back for a job well done) and participate in the AGM which will kick off at 7.30pm sharp and then it will be all about Ace.

New Positions – all are up for nomination so have a think for each one on who you think is cherry ripe in 2014 for the various roles:

Prez – connection between the club and the league and the club and other clubs and organise presentations.
Vice Prez – back up if the Prez is snowed or absent
Capt – our leader on the track
Coach – training and game day
Assistant Coaches – backup for training or game day
Media Director – capture pics of games, team photos, newspaper exposure and game reports
Transport Minister – provision of transport on away games + functions
Social Director – main trips and dinners
Home game Day Social Director – food and drinks
Training Night Steward – food and drinks
Fines Master – end of training fines
Bazz’s Wheel Spinner – someone that looks like Baz if not Baz to organise raffles
Property Steward – first aid, jumpers and water bottles on bus (or in change rooms at Jurassic Park) and back in shed
Sponsorship Directors – contact companies and get their media for advertising, organise Sponsors Day at one of the games


Rushton Park Country Carnival 24th August 2013


At the time of writing it is Monday evening and the fog has started to clear from a weekend that could only be described as Jurassic Park’s finest hour at the big dance. Although there will probably never be enough liver tone shots produced to repair the damage done on Saturday night, the game face was well and truly on during the carnival and the Dino’s walked away with a clean sweep….a bit more on that later.

The morning of Saturday 24th August was a cracker and by 7.22am we were impressively rolling out of the estate without the usual flurry of phone calls from late arrivals. A man dressed in a dinosaur ones-ie with a go-pro camera on his head was at the wheel, what could go wrong?. There were a few calls to be made however….Diesel was meeting us at the ground (tick), PD was not coming due to the birth of his little dinosaur during the week (the clubs third bub and keeping going the tradition of a baby a year…big up PD and we’ll ask all the appropriate questions that got left unsaid on Sat, around the fire on Thursday) and then the bombshell…Darren ‘Wangerneen, Tripod, “the sneak” Gittos would not be making it back from Melbourne. A quick look into a few boys eyes at this news, sent a shiver down the spine and we went into player counselling sessions immediately…’it was nobodies fault and the infamous coaches curse had not struck down another, it was all about petrol tickets and Gitts simply had none left’ was the line we went with but without any real understanding of why our emergency coach would not be by our side. At that juncture coach Hall handed me a bacon and egg mac muffin burger and things were looking up…or so I thought.

After an hour or so of taking the piss out of each other (but mostly Reever), we were at Rushton Park in Mandurah and ready to rumble. A pleasant surprise was getting our own change rooms which probably reflects the points we have built up in the Masters in three short seasons. We assessed the updated running sheets and found that the Wheatbelt Boomers had pulled out of the carnival so we were up against a hand picked presidents team in the last….wow, we thought, we really have been elevated in this league as one of the heavy hitters. Players busied themselves with the regulation strappings and layers of tiger balm followed by layers of Denco-rub then kicked the dew off the oval in readiness for our first game at 9.30am. My own thoughts turned south as stall 3 in our change rooms got the first of many visits for the day and it wasn’t until after game 2 and I had read all the graffiti on the walls and even added a bit of my own, that my thoughts turned back to that earlier mac muffin burger and I realised that I had most likely become the first victim of the Pest on tour (add alchemist to his CV)….perhaps some kind of diuretic between the egg and the bacon….the result was more giggles during a screening of Schindler’s List than between games for #23.


Game One : 9.30am vs Busso

The siren had gone for the start of play and Busselton were nowhere to be seen. A few minutes later they came running onto the ground and Reever, still dressed in his Dinosaur costume, threw the ball up and it was on like Donkey Kong. St Jones lead and goaled within the first couple of minutes and then clunked a dew covered contested mark like Stewy Lowe in his hey day for another major. The half finished with another 3 goals (2 from Mike Grieve), Hutto nearly snapped himself in half doing a Lee Mathews impersonation by ploughing into the goal post and we had a commanding lead against a side we had never beaten. The second half saw Busso challenge as we knew they would but we ran the game out well with a comfy 9.5 vs 3.5 win, Ace helping himself to a couple of sausage rolls. A brilliant start to the carnival by Jonah, Juice, Camo, Fanta, Rowey, Deano, Hunts, Gunja and Grievesy.


Healz had driven to the game with is two little fellas and set them up on the sidelines with an esky full of drinks and food and spent $10 on a baby sitter in the form of a packet of toy soldiers. As dad went about dismantling the opposition, the Heal boys conducted themselves like little champs…great effort by Dad and kids to make it happen. A new career in childcare may await Jason….a crèche with MMA fighting rather than Giggle and Hoot on the big screen may appeal to a section of the market who believe kids are growing up soft and without independent thought….sign the Keech kids up.


Game Two : 11.30am vs Collie

In game two, we are up against another side that towelled us up during the year but this time they got us at home so things were personal. The fast start of the first game was in full swing again and one of our proven ball winners in Hutto shut down any movement forward. From that point it was over to Deano, Juice and the crew up forward to dominate the game with Camo kicking another 4 to take a strangle hold on the Coleman for the day. The score at the end was 10.5 vs 3.3 with Juice kicking goal of the tourney halfway through the 2nd half and Nico and Fosil both having shots at goal and giving off goal assists. Best: Ace, Juice, Deano, Rowey, Hutto, Fanta, Gunja, and Hunts


During lunch our first paid player, David ‘La Oust’ Haoust and Captain Muzz rolled into the ground and look surprisingly well for a couple of dudes who had lived high on the hog for 3 days in Melbourne….welcome back boys.


Game Three : 1.30pm vs President’s Team

On the main oval now and the word had got around that the boys in tangerine were the ones to watch. This contest was a complete dismantling of the opposition and the game never really got above ¾ pace. Ace continued on his merry way, Kingy started using Muzz as a step ladder and must have been spewing his services weren’t there all carnival, Haousty and Muzz both got on the score board and had the coach wondering what might have been, and the Juice/Deano/Rowey show rolled on. 9.4 vs 2.1


Doolz farmed himself out for yet another game, taking his tally to 5 for the tourney and even then he was still looking for a whistle to do some umpiring…the greatest footy tart the club has ever seen and a man that belies his 50 years. So with coach Hall’s unbeaten record at carnivals in 2013 still in tact it was back to the change rooms for a rinse and to the bar for a well deserved sip and to talk some trash. The Melb boys had a little pantomime going during presentations with Muzz teasing that he had home sickness, next thing Craig was standing on a milk crate and yelling out to the crowd (and the crowd yelling back for him to ‘stand up’) our best players…Ace – BOG with 10 goals and the carni coleman, Juice and Dean with medals and entry into the All Star team, Rowey with the cup that never runs dry for a brilliant three game effort and Corey for a cracking whole hearted display. Other noteables were Fanta, Gunja, Hutto and Jonah.


We loaded onto the bus and within an hour we were at The Alderney and doing bombies in the pool. 7.30pm rolled around and everyone was well and truly on the tooth so it was off to the Chinese soup kitchen where we were greeted like family and fed like kings. The flounder slapping showed signs of getting a little tired and we will probably turn things upside down next year and go for a new restaurant after 3 great years at the Han Palace. From this point the crew started to disappear into the night with a bit of irish dancing at Finnegans’s and the Fosil signing autographs as punters got him confused with his brother from another mother in George Clooney. Home time was beckoning for a few of boys but not our coach… he might have had blocked sinuses all week but as the AM came calling, he had built up a head of steam and was snorting like Puff The Magic Dragon…there was nothing to do but hang on for the ride. After countless stiff drinks we landed at the casino and even James Packer will still be celebrating our visit (mug punters the lot)….at this point the coach was now known as Rodger and the Hall/Haoust show was open for business with one new friend commenting, “I have heard some shit spoken in my day but you two boys would have to take the cake”. Eventually we landed back to the hotel to collect our senses.


After a coffee or two we loaded onto the bus and dragged our weary bums home to the southwest, taxed but with an inner glow that comes from knowing you gave your best and put in until you had no more to put…..and shared some experiences with a group of guys you’ve spent the last 6 months getting to either know better or know for the first time. A fitting end to a year that delivered on every level….until next year boys (if you don’t count the end of year dinner, end of year trip and Day 1 of the first Test at the WACA…probably catch up for the grandy too yeah???…..sorry girls).



Dinos Rushton Park Aug 2013



Dalyellup Dinosaurs vs Margaret River Hawks 10-8-13

Dalyellup Dinosaurs vs Margaret River Hawks 10-8-13

So the last game of the year rolls around and we’re at home vs one of the most consistent teams in the comp in Margaret River but a team that has not travelled particularly well over the years. Well, our Dino hospitality at the Pav must be getting out there because they arrived to a blustery Jurassic Park with a full contingent of players. Our ranks were equally impressive with half a doz + warriors on the bench and ready to do battle.

Nev (Cam Sutherland) Welsh had been at it again and the padding was on the goal posts and the ground marked up by the time crew started arriving for the big game. The grass was left a little long as word from stand in coach Dags Gittos was that they had a few heavy footed players and a thicker thatch might just give us the edge we needed. This attention to detail was to be the theme of Tripod’s coaching effort for the day. His board was marked up, the changes rehearsed and a pre-game speech from Alan Jeans written up and then delivered in a narrative style tone that had me wanting sit on the ground cross legged and hear the next chapter.

Mike Grieve purchased a ball that morning which had come out of a factory that had stamped ‘adult size’ on the kiddies balls in an effort to increase profits. This unusually undersized ball was used in our warm up and was another little advantage the Dino’s took into the match before the ball had even been bounced.

The Dino’s won the toss and kicked with a slight wind assistance. Squares filled in for Simba as umpire and the opening stanza mirrored a couple of prize fighters testing each other out without anyone landing any decisive blows. The second quarter saw Gittos make the big move of Hutton from the unfamiliar forward line, back into half back. Margs looked to step it up with the breeze and found The Hall Wall (or on the day,The Gittos Gate) was shut with Hutto, The Blanket, a sick Doona, Dools and one of the original backline greats in Whitey repelling everything. Jonah was also switched from half back to full fwd and with Georgey Nichols back in Dino den, chaos reigned for Margs in front of the big sticks with Georgey laying a heavy hit on another yellow jumper and letting him know all about it.

The second half rolled out with more changes and experiments left right and centre including Keech to CHF on remote control from Jonah (couple of the instructions were ‘go left’, ‘go right’, ‘stop talking to your opponent and face the ball’), Blanket in the guts, Fos in quick bursts in the ruck with Earl Gray and Gunja keeping everyone guessing to where the taps where going, Juice/Deano/Bask and Oggy delivering into the fwd line and the backmen continuing their job from the second quarter.

The way it rolled out…….

3.3 vs 3.2

3.2 vs 4.2

4.1 vs 2.2

4.3 vs 3.2

Dinos 14.9 vs 12.8

Notables: Jonah (4.2), Juice, Deano, Gunja, Hutton, Keech (2.0)

The show afterwards went very well with chips and beef rolls proving a very handy combo and more guys being involved with putting together the day than we have ever had. Thanks to Bask and his little lady Stacey/Earl/Fanta/Conforti/Reever/Macca in the kitchen and providing the crock pot/slow cookers. Big up to Fos for getting the buns and chips, Bask for picking up the drinks, Mikey G for grabbing a new ball, Ace for his usual work on the mic after the game and to Gits for a top job in the coaching box. Aside from his groundsman duties, Nev again had an impact by opening up for us and helping a few of the boys with the cleanup.

Financially we covered the beers after the game, the prizes for best on ground for each team, a new ball for the game and we still came out $100 in front so all in all it was a good day both on and off the track and we look ahead to some of the headline dates in the Dino calendar in the Mandurah Carnival, our players and partners dinner and the end of season trip.

Training will continue at the shed until the gas runs out in the new heater or we decide that spring has sprung and its time to pack the footy away.




Dinosaur Derby vs Sharks 27th July 2013

Dinos 11.7 vs Sharks 5.4

Possible story to be run in the SW Times this week…..”Dinosaurs performance at Jurassic Park on Saturday 27th July gives ASADA reason to put Carlton Draft on the banded substances list”

Playing for : Welsh-Piggot Shield, winner for 3rd straight year – Dalyellup Dinosaurs

Big ups to:

Whitey – Sacrificed having a game himself and umpired in the expected manner.. took no crap and covered the ground very economically

Gitts – Clubman of the year won many times over this year already and again used every contact to get 30 pizzas (Eagle Boys and Dominos) for nicks….saving the club about $250

Reever and Basky – worked the kitchen till their dish pan hands dissolved

Corey and Macca – selling raffle tickets that raised about $150 for the club

Og, Gunga and Hammer – for taking the always unwanted temporary trade to the other side. Without this unselfish move we wouldn’t have had much of a game.

Just prior to the game we had rain and light hail but as Big Dan blew the horn for the start, we were bathed in sunshine. The sharks had a banner for one of their boys and with the junior Dinosaurs and their parents around the Pav and Jurassic Park, it was a carnival atmosphere.

Kicking with the wind in the first quarter we were hopeful of a quick start but it was the Sharks drew first blood with a nice link up goal. From this point the Dinos fired up with Basky turning into an extraction machine in the middle and put together 10 minutes of the best footy we’ve seen at Jurassic Park. The next 4 goals for the half were kicked by the Dinos and our backline held the Sharks scoreless in the 2nd quarter into a stiffening wind. This backline offensive, fast becoming known as the Hall Wall, unearthed a new star in Justin ‘The Doona’ Fantasia…he joins David ‘The Blanket’ Haoust, Lee ‘The General’ Hutton, Freo Mick, CerebalPAULsy Delaney and the man with a cult following whether playing forward or back, Doolzs.

The stick of shit (best player for the opposition) went to Hammer who was thrown into the Shark tank in the 2nd quarter and had immediate impact with the highlight being a sensational hand stand and back flip celebration for a last quarter goal (captured by the Fanta paparazzi for the website). As good as Hammer Time was, it proved to only be the entrée for our own project goal sneak, Darren ‘Tripod’ Gittos. Darren has been released as a forward in 2013 after a stellar career as a lockdown backman and under the tutelage of Ace Cameron has developed a style all of his own up front but the illusive goal had still yet to come. That cherry was popped in fine style as he swung onto the trusty left and goaled on the run(ish) but then to show the discipline to run straight off the ground for the rotation was very pleasing to see. The 2nd half was a similar story to the first and we ran the game out as well as we have this season and sung the song for the first time at Jurassic Park (ink this day into the life diary boys) in fine style.

Other notables were Luke ‘Earl’ Gray who came up against the best tap ruckman in the WAMAFL, in ‘Lofty’ and while more than holding his own in the stoppages, completely dismantled his opponent around the ground. Corey pushed his case for playing a forward roll more often, the Jonah/Juice show came to town as per usual, Deano’s ball use was a cut above in windy conditions, Reever/Macca broke a few lines when given the chance and Mill gave a contest in tight.

The rotations seemed to work as well as they have all year with players sticking to a role and getting a break when they needed it. No doubt there were a few sore bodies on Sunday/Monday but besides Earl’s hand, Reever’s finger, Kev’s studded leg (possibly by Hammer) and Leroy’s head, there were no reported major injuries.

The most prized bit of silverware at the club, The Welsh-Piggot Shield is to stay at Jurassic Park for the 3 year running and will be engraved and presented to Nev on Thurs so make sure you’re there for the last regular season training session of the year….congratulations boys, it would appear we are building for a very good Perth carnival.

Oh we are the Dinosaurs…