Round 6, July 1ST 2017 – Dinos v Busso Maggies at Jurassic Park



Kim Jong may have been priming his first intercontinental ballistic missile over the weekend in Nth Korea but our own explosive little package Kev Jong Pears was getting set to roll out his cannons in his big mile stone ‘50 games’ game. This package of goal kicking fury inspired a few words on his work at Jurassic Park over the past 7 years.

Our mate, Kev Jong

A frustrated goal sneak when at Kelly Park

Released forward in Masters, kicks like a dart

When I say dart, I mean just that

Never over 25m and rarely hit flat

In 2015 he stepped up as our Prez

Ruled with an iron fist, we did what he says !

Spreadsheets were flying, this man was on song

Such a stranglehold on power, we now call him Kev Jong

His Doggies are up and just knocked over my roos

If we picked our team on humility, he’d be playing the 2s

Although not the dimensions of a modern AFL player

As a clubman and pisshead, he’s a legendary stayer.

The excitement was too much for many crew close to Kev Jong with Mocha and Coach Candy Crush retreating to Coral Bay and Muzz, Mill and Hoost escaping the cold Pavilion for the warmth of Melbourne.

Under grey North Korean like skies, Busselton had come a bit light (18 players) and we had 20 so young Ads Grieve donned the black and white and prepared to take on his tangerine mentors. Barbs took the reins for the day and swung a surprise move with Juice playing off the half back which he quickly turned into a goal kicking position much to his fellow backmens’ surprise (well, ok maybe not). The moves didn’t stop there with Botty placed in the defensive goal square and Pearsy in the middle. At the end of the first stanza, we were slightly in front but given we had use of the breeze, it didn’t appear we were going to have it all our own way (especially if Wal continued enjoying stinging his old mate Donk with incorrect disposal…hot or what umpy ?!!) . Kingy was up to his old tricks again and had extended his run of singles to 9 before a mark of the day, back with the flight catch sparked a golden streak of 3 majors to complete a solid day. The back men were making it hard for the opposition with Botty putting on a kicking clinic, Pots and Fanta reading the play as they do and Condo enjoying a tackle or three. The instructions from one of our generals (Hoggs) to another down back was to keep the bark up and Pothole came to the party in spades. He was heard shouting after another Dinosaur goal,  ‘Have ya got a heart beat Dinos ?’ and has probably given the first Dino spray for not celebrating hard enough.

Meanwhile up the other end, the forwards in Shredder, Kingy, Anzac, Kevy Jong and crew were enjoying the silver service being offered by a band of operators in the middle. Splinter, Mang/Capt Jack, Griever, Macca, Barbs and Fish provided an engine room that meant the Maggies where always chasing tail. The combination of all 3 lines playing their part for 4 quarters saw most of us get a few kicks and enjoy the day.

We sang the song with Kev in the middle and celebrated an 8 goal victory which was our first ever run away win against the competitive Busso boys. It was a 9/10 performance and probably best summed up by Brook Kelly (Leo’s son) – ‘’Well played boys, today we got Dino – Tuned’

Bottles of wine : Kev and Wal

Special mention – Juice, Pothole, Greiver, Shredder, Botty, Splinter, Kingy (3 goals)

Big up to Wal for umpiring and Mike ‘Dr No’ Grieve for kicking the line marking machine into gear prior to the game. The burgers and chips went down beautifully and Rebecca Matthews worked through the night of a range of soups while her husband was celebrating the end of the financial year with his fellow spreadsheet warriors out on the town. Well done Gunja for jumping off early and sorting the admin before the presentations and for bringing down the wood for the fire. Unfortunately for those that love smoke in their eyes, it was non carbon emitting Darlik taking the points as the numbers huddled around each showed on the night.


Next game in Collie so keep ya leg warmers on boys !!!


Round 4 2016 Dinos Vs Boomers

Game 4 – Eaton Boomers at Pratt Rd Eaton on July 23rd 2016

A westerly breeze blew across the Pratt Rd oval in Eaton to greet our 28 strong playing group. A great turn out to go with the 33 at Crab-land and 22 who ventured to the arctic fiords of Albany. These numbers put our away average for the year at 27 which could be a league record but certainly our highest away numbers which is a pretty good indication of a lot going right at Jurassic Park in 2016.

Well done to the boys who came along and helped out. 40 running water, Kev Jong running the magnets, Barbs and Maybs doing the umpiring/coaching duties, Hally, Mill, Greeny and Anzac’s special comments from the boundary, even a long lost Dino in Foggs was in the crowd so there would have been 40 odd Dinos around/on the ground.

The Eaton boys were dominant in all their games at the recent country carnival so we knew we were not in for a Tangerine Festival and that is exactly how it played out with Eaton slipping away to a 2 goal lead at quarter time into a stiff wind. Thank goodness Muzza had played it smart as the visiting captain and chose to kick with the breeze or the damage could have be fatal. Shredder and Griever were working hard but we needed to lift across the board.

Into the breeze in the second it was better and we held on, to go to the long break 3 goals down. Awesome effort from the Boomers at this stage with a hard working midfield and well structured forward line proving a challenge for the Jurassic juggernaut.

Barbs pulled out the strap AND the wooden spoon and gave us all a good old fashion thrashing…full of ‘it doesn’t matter how many on the bench if ya not gonna get the footy’, ‘this is not our style’ and challenged the team to ‘kick 9 for the quarter and get this game back to where it should be’.

The critical third quarter went as outlined by the coaching panel with Kingy/Capt Jack, Juice, Rowey, Macca and Griever dominating the clearances and the forwards firing for 8 unanswered goals. Well done to Fos for hitting score board with a nice 25m set shot (hey hey hey, did ya see that did ya ?, hey, hey, heys into the night).

In the final quarter they had the breeze and were determined to drop it into their forward line quickly and directly. One small problem with at was that although the Eagles have a Governator, we had 3 with The Barbarian, Gunja and Hoggs taking the Boomers long bombs and driving the pig skin back through the midfield where Barbs (who had had enough of being over ruled by his 14 year old umpiring partner) was rolling his playing sleeves up and looked as keen as Hally waiting for the ferry to Rottnest. In the end the Dinos finished with a 6+ goal margin and headed to esky for a well earned frosty.

Injuries: Duff hamstring (season), Reid ankle (season), Wharton bruised hip and shoulder (HE’s just fine)

Best : William Barclay Keech III, Capt Jack Sparrow, Griever, Kel, Kingy, The Barbarian, Fanta.

Thanks to all the support staff and Haousty for the Go West chariot.

Next game is at home to the Margs boys on Sat August 6th so lets continue the great numbers at game day and training and finish the year off with a BANG !!!




Pics are here

Fanta #2

ROUND 2 2016 vs Albany Vikings

Dalyellup Dinosaurs est. 2010.

First trip to Albany 2016 – This trip was 6 years in the making, the stars aligned, the players and playing committee worked together tirelessly to put the trip together and the final brief before the trip can be seen below and pictures here

Hello All Dino’s.

 The 2016 season is officially off and running with 3 good wins on the board already and rumor circulating the Masters Football league that the Dino’s come to play! So be prepared…

 In just over two weeks, we will step into new territory:

  1. For the first time we will be travelling to Albany
  2. For the first time we are officially inviting partners to an away game!

 Yes, that’s right, you did read correctly.

 The club wants to be more inclusive of our families, and as such, we would like to invite wives, partners, girlfriends and boyfriends along for the trip. (No kids)

This will be a great opportunity for some wives to enjoy the social aspect of the club.

 Can you please talk to your better halves and give me an indication at training or reply as to whether or not they would like to come. The details you can discuss that will be confirmed in due course:

  • The Bus will leave on the morning of Saturday the 21st May around 7:30am
  • There will be a short rest stop in Manjimup for a stretch and bite to eat
  • We will arrive into Albany just after lunch and check into a quality hotel (Dog Rock Hotel or Ibis)
  • The Ladies then have a choice, watch us lads play football or I have a bus driver available in Albany to take them on a bit of a sightseeing tour.
  • After the game we will all enjoy the hospitality of the Albany Football Club before carrying on the good times and checking out the Albany nightlife.
  • Romantic couples at this point can slip off back to their rooms.
  • Sunday morning we have a reservation for our group at the ANZAC Memorial. Definitely not to be missed.
  • We will then journey back to Bunbury hoping to arrive around 14:00 Sunday

What’s all this cost I hear you say.

Well, we estimate that the players will be up for about $110.00 to $130.00 including Bus, accommodation and access to the ANZAC Memorial.

All ladies are paid for by the club and can come along for free.

 We do realize that for some families it may be hard to have both parents away, but we do really want to encourage as many partners as possible to join in. If we don’t have enough interest it will be hard to see this being a success and enjoyable for a small number of ladies that want to join in.

Again, talk to your ladies and either reply or see me or Muzz at training to confirm. 

Thanks Dino’s

 Kind Regards,

 Justin Miller

State Operations Manager


Well with that said we had 6 Ladies join us on the bus and 2 more meet us in Albany, for a fantastic trip south, one we will all have fond memories of for years to come.

Not only did the stars align, the Heavens opened up!! The 33 Seater Go West Higer with Fanta at the helm braved 125 KM/H winds and driving rain at times sideways down the highway to Viking Land.

All went according to plan, well almost.

A small stop at the Black Cockatoo Cafe in Kojonup for $8 Lamb and Rosemary Pies and double espressos for the driver we battled on, arriving at the Dog Rock with just over an hour to settle in and acclimatize to the 7 Degree temperatures and make our way down to the Railways Footy Club for the impending battle.

Hail on the horizon we arrived at the ground with a playing group of 21 – 3 more than the home side and hit the change-rooms for a quick nip of ginger wine and barrels of tiger balm and dencorub. A few inspired words from the coach and it was on….

To be continued….img_3861

Country Carnival 2014 – Dalyellup

Hi All,

Photos of Country Carnival will be uploaded periodically.

Here is the first set. Click the link and have a browse, You can click on individual photos or watch them as a slideshow.


Dalyellup Dinosaurs Vs Eaton Boomers

Bunbury Sharks Vs Collie Fossils

Mandurah Makos Vs Leschenault Crabs


Dunsborough Ducks Vs Vic Park Pigs

Freo Phantoms Vs Margaret River Hawks

Busselton Magpies Vs Northern Warriors


Eaton Boomers Vs Albany Vikings

Mandurah Makos Vs Collie Fossils

Rockingham Rams Vs Dalyellup Dinosaurs

ROUND 4: Coming Soon

ROUND 5: Coming Soon

ROUND 6: Coming Soon

ROUND 7: Coming Soon


AFL Masters Country Carnival 2014

Hi All,

The South West Country Carnival is a great event that attracts both Country and Metropolitan Teams. Held on the long weekend it makes for a great road trip for those clubs that attend.

Keechy has won the contract for The Dinos to host this years carnival which is to be held on the WA Day long weekend –

Sunday 1st June 2014.Country Carnival Capture

We have sent this invite out to all registered WA AFL masters footy teams.——->

Now it is time to call on all volunteers to make this day one to remember. Anyone who is associated to the club is asked to pitch in and help as any amount of help would be very much appreciated.

For the organising of the carnival we need to get the wive’s / partners / sisters / brothers / neighbors to really band together.

Friendships will be made from working together as a team and there is also a chance to make some real money for the club which will bear fruit for the future of the Dinosaurs.

Jenelle Holland ( Mrs Dino King) has kindly volunteered and has been speaking to Muz about getting the wives/partners all together to arrange as many helpers as possible to help out for the carnival weekend.
Jenelle is happy to take charge and get the show on the road.

Jenelle has asked for anyone who can to help out to pm her on Facebook or contact her via email at:

Once we have numbers and names of people happy to help we can do up a roster to accommodate having someone where and when they are needed throughout the carnival.

Thank you

Fanta / Dinorazzi




Creative Car Cruise.
The car cruise is a four day event starting in Perth 8am Friday morning. The boys are meeting at Carnabys park around 10 dressed in Mexican outfits and shooting off cap guns like crazy men , Gittos from 621 is going to have the prize patrol out there to do some live crosses , it’s going to go off!!

First Training Night at Jurassic Park

Attention all Dino’s, Present past and those yet to join.


Training is back at Dino land tomorrow night, be ready to go at 6:30 sharp bring boots and or joggers, water bottles and wallets.

Brand new footy’s of the Mitchell variety to test out so let’s get good numbers on the track.

Kids are welcome.

See you there