On a crisp Sunday morning when some folk are bundling into cars for church, we looked forward to a different religious experience. 14 Dinosaurs boarded the trusty Go West bus, 2 Dinosaurs waited by the roadside, and half a dozen men true to the tangerine made their own way to the ground with their families.


Team assembled:

Fwds : Kingy, Hutto (becoming a habit), Charlesy, Fish, Hoost, Muzza, Shano C

Mids/C/Wings/Ruck : Macca, Griever, Juice, Pearsy, Hainesy, Sauce, Reever

Backs: Hoggs, Fanta, Shag, Wal, Keechy, Maybes, Dools, Marko

Upper Middle Management: Craig ‘the commissioner’ Hall


[Apologies to anyone left out but should be a wake up call to get more ball or celebrate a little harder]


For those that couldn’t get there, I know you all want to know how we went so I will save you skipping to the bottom (spoiler alert)…the league expects excellence from us at festivals (debuting, hosting, playing, celebrating) and the crew of 2015 did not disappoint. With the first two games in the bag (solid 4+ goal wins) we managed to squeeze in a booze cruise in our newly acquired limo (Loosey) before taking on our old carnival nemesis, Mandurah in the last hit out. They suffered the same fait as the previous two sides to complete a clean sweep for the boys from Jurassic Park.


Righto, now to the details and into the night…….


Vic Park Pigs – Game #1


We had completed the usual semi convincing warm up, Muzz announced he would play in the yella for the first time (to a massive round of applause which had a hint of ‘shit, its about time’ about it and maybe a bit of ‘ok, they cant touch him but he’s unlikely to return the favour’). The dencorub was applied and then a last nervous wiz which in combo helps make up for the mediocre warm ups. Just prior to kick off we were reminded that not all the crowd was on our side as I had a bloke taunt me from the time keepers crows nest, ‘hey Keechy (read my jumper)…you’ve got a hair cut like Brett Kirk’ which given Brett’s liking for a mung bean sandwich, had me at the other end of the rev up spectrum to Dools who had spent the last minutes getting pumped up listening to System of the Down.


Blues skies made for a fast paced game and Wal and Juice were on from the start. Sauce was giving a contest in the middle and proved more than a handy big man addition, Pearsy was putting his bruised ribs on the line, Reever was gathering possessions across the middle and lifted his kicking efficiency to Sam Mitchell levels. Up forward, King was presenting at CHF, Hutto came charging out of the square. Meanwhile, down back Marko looked after the middle of the ground like Gina Rinehart protects a trust fund, Shags and Fanta where either intercept marking or tackling, Dools was offering a steady hand and good voice, Hoggs was his stingy self with some clever decisions when kicking out.


Unfortunately Charlesy did a hamstring and was sidelined for the carnival which was a shame in his debut of the club but definitely not an unheard of way to start your Masters career. If have a feeling from his energy over the course of the evening that we haven’t seen the last of him.


Best : Wal, Juice, Hainesy, Reever, Hoggs, Kingy


Waroona – Game #2


Do yourselves a favour and have a look at the hang that Wal took in this game (great job Shona BTW), best mark I have seen live and one of the best I have seen full stop. Another bonus of Muzz wearing the yella is that it is easy to spot him at the bottom of Wal’s stairway to heaven….Capt Muzz has been the foundation of so much of the good stuff that has gone about DDFC in the last 5 years but being used as a launching pad for your buddies has taken that selflessness to a new level. Wal’s previous attempt 20 secs earlier and then to get to this pack and launch again makes the mark even better and something that I will never forget. It might sound like the writer is setting himself up for preferential selection from the coach but Wal’s running, bounce bounce goal in this game was another for the highlight reel….enough said, the kid went off. Davros ‘the magician’ Hoost should have worn Rowey’s baggy shorts cos he was putting in an Eddie Betts impersonation with 3 classic goal sneak magors and all the back of about 2 training nights and enough aeroplane food to fill the Tardus over the last two months.


This was Waroona’s first year and I couldn’t help but see similarities between them and us in our first year (came to the carnival with less than 18 players with link up footy as likely as a Kevin Pears assist). Although a small ground, we found space with overlap and direction when we needed to and a continuation from the previous game in the backline meant we finished without giving up a single goal. One of their player’s (Wardy) comments after the game was, ‘you blokes are dynamite!’


Best : Wal, Juice, Hoost, Hainsey, Reever, Hutto


Mandurah Makos – Game #3


The smaller oval #3 for the second time was welcomed and given the way we played in the previous game on that track, we were only too happy to give it another run. Juice fired out of the middle from the whistle, Hainsey continued his run and bagged a Mako’s head for his pool room after copping a cheapy, big Marko went body on body (copping an egg on his head in the process), Kingy delighted his legion of female fans on the side lines with a couple late and Hutto clunked a couple. Dinos finished with plenty of run to wind up a good day on the track.


Best : Juice, Kingy, Marko, Hainsey, Wal


Mike Grieve got pushed into the middle of the circle and was toasted as the first Dinosaur to make it to 50 games….a beer a training this week from everyone should see him totally useless at work the next day so if we can spread it out over a few weeks, that would be great.


Best over the 3 games : Juice, Wal, Hainesy, Reever, Hoost (not training is the new black)


Big up to Wal and Hally for a fine coaching/playing/running water/coaching/magnet shuffle combination. Thanks to Davros for the bus, to Shona for taking all the picks, Soda for running a bit of water and all the families who came out to support their man.


At Preso’s a couple of our ex-players/super stars in Wardy (Waroona) and Oggy (Rocky Rams) got presented with their new teams best players. Maybe next year they’ll include the starts they got at Jurassic Park in their speeches (I know both of you are still on the email list and read these reports). Both are welcome to do a Trent Croad and jump ship again anytime back to the tangerine.


After a few beers at the footy club bar, we loaded into the bus to begin celebrating like a team that takes their own limo to a carnival. First stop was the Nard which usually greets us like a long lost brother but they must have got word that our version of John Travolta (Luke 40) was not in the Dino den because as the pic would indicate, it was as flat as a shit carters hat. We made the best of this with ice addicts and ladies of the night our pool partners but eventually settled for picking up a couple of boy band members and hot footing it to The Fire Station on Queen St. It was a few beers of crafted nectar, a chat with the beautiful people of Busso and back into the bus for the trip home.


Big up to Shags for driving the bus home which is not an easy gig when the wind is up and the Dino spinnaker well and truly popped.


We take a breath for most of June and then come home with the second half of the season and Eaton, Albany, the Ducks and Mandurah Carnival.


#23 over and out.


Hi All,

Photos to follow we had an IT Hardware failure and are working through the issue.

Photos are HERE

Cheers  – Dinarazzi Crew

Game 2, 2015 – Dinos vs Crabs

DSC_0353The media director’s billing for this game was in the mould of the recent Mayweather-Pacman fight.

Next game is against the Crabs out in Leschenault on Friday 1st May Night game under lights!!! 

This game will be a cracker with the fittest Dino’s outfit to date vs The Fittest Team in the Comp. Get down there to show your support, Kick Off at 6:30pm.


The question for all those not at the game is ‘did it live up to the hype better than the hit and giggles in Vegas ?’

Yes it did !!

To say this was our finest hour on the track would be taking nothing away from the flashes of brilliance over the journey but for a 4 quarter effort, this was our moment in the sun (under lights).

For all the boys who have thrown on the tangerine and felt nothing but the clinical nip of the crab’s claw, this win was for you fellas… to Squares, Georgey Nic, Sarrey, PD, Hammer, Duffy, Deano Owens, Fosil, Baz Mc, Gitts, Haousty, Hally, Badge, Ace, Pig, Fogs, Lukey Gray, Hutto, Oggy, Wanga, Scooter, Simba, Parners, Wardy, Nev, Hainesy, Rosey, Whitey, Marko Cahill, Troy Corton, Deebs …..and a few others that have pinch hit for us over the last 4 years.

Team Dino on Friday:

Back 6 – Hoggs, Fanta, Dools, Rowey, Shagga, Reidy, Wal, Rick, Shano Coenen

Centre – Macca, Bask, Mill, Reevery, Griever, Barbs, Hunts, Manga

Fwd – Kingy, Pearsy, Keechy, Muzz, Gunga, Jonah, Goodo, 40, Graham ‘Pothole’


Coaches : Wal, Haousty

Supporters : Hally, Fos, Hutto, Nobba


Big up to :

– Haousty for running the magnets when Wal wan on the ground

– Soda for running water

– Leo for rub downs before, during and after the game

– All the boys who came out on a cold night to watch history get made

Leo was the first man on the job with the rub down table set up in the spacious visitors change rooms at the new Leschenault Pavillion. As the Dinos filed in either under their own steam or off the team bus so generously donated by Go West….our answer to Tommy Haffey went to work on the sore backs, calfs, hammys etc…on a chilly-ish evening, he was worth his weight in tiger balm.


Wal had us running up and down in tight and a few drills later, we were ready to face what will be our toughest examination this year…..the road trip from hell…the Crabs at home. The magnets on the board looked full of old names but also a sprinkling of guys who came with reputations but had never sung a team song to the tune of ‘Yellow Submarine’ (so hadn’t done anything worth talking about really). The crabs supplied both umpires, they reminded us that it was footy for kicks and we were into it.


As Micky Milkshake was coaching his record breaking game, our coach, Andres ‘Wal’ Waller, was taking the reins for the first time. Mick got to choose his fixture but our man was up against the perennial premiers playing for the first time at their new Super Pav and hot off a 29 goals to 1 goal shellacking of a hapless Rocky Rams at the Freo curtin raiser….just the ‘backs to the wall’ way our man likes it.


The first quarter was 60/40 possession our way and although we restricted them to only one late goal, we struggled to use a slight breeze and went in a few points ahead. Barbs was running amok, Juice was peppering the goals, Basky getting involved, Reever covering some ground, Shagga and Mill a couple of nice 1%ers, Hoggs/Fanta getting to the drop and Goodo putting on some forward pressure.


The second quarter was an arm wrestle and then the crabs kicked 2 in a row which would traditionally been the start of the end…not tonight. Half way through, Wal and his opponent found themselves in a warm embrace which the umpire considered steamy enough for them both to have a rest. BANG!!! We kicked into gear with a flurry of goals to just poke our noses in front again. This was to be a defining moment in the game and set the scene for our best quarter of footy as the Dino runners bubbled to the surface.


They call the 3rd quarter the premiership quarter and it was for us….jonah running back with the flight to mark and goal in a Carey like display, Shano Coenen putting his body on the line, Juice getting split up the middle and Pearsy doing his best impression of a cockroach in its death throws after a hit to the ribs showed just how important making a stand was to the boys from Jurassic Park. Bask, Jonah, Kingy and Juice hit the scoreboard and before we knew it, we had a 6+ goal differential for the quarter and we were on our way to an historic victory.


The last quarter was a bit like the first and we finished slightly ahead but to their credit, the Crabs never went away even though it was obvious that we had the legs.


We sang the song in the middle of the ground, ran warm down laps with stretching on the ground, sang the song again in the change rooms before retiring to the roman baths….do you think we enjoyed the win ?? Sure did!!!


Best : Barbs, Shano Coenen, Bask, Juice, Hunts, Rowey, Kingy


Barb’s comments during his speech summed it up pretty well when he said he had been told about footy for kicks in the Masters comp and had just played in one of the most physical games in his life. The Crabs took the unfamiliar loss pretty well with their Prez Proudy making a joke that he arrived at the ground at the end of the game to be told that the Crabs had lost and was still coming to terms with the news. The new facilities at Leschenault are second to none and encouraged over 100 players/wives/kids at the presos which was great to see….especially as at least half of the supports were ours. The bus rolled out at 10pm with a few of us (ok, just Hally and myself) staying on to enjoy the afterglow.


Well done boys but it doesn’t get any easier from here with our traditional cross town rivals, the Sharks our next opponent in two weeks at Jurassic Park. With the Welsh-Piggot shield on the line, we will need another big effort.

Game 1 – Dalyellup Dinos vs Busselton Maggies Sat 18th April 2015 Jurassic Park

DSC_0274After the latest start we have had to a season, the first game was finally here and we were greeted with a magnificent day for footy…light to medium breeze and enough sunshine to see new boy Rick the fire starter, plastered with sufficient sun cream to put out an industrial inferno.

The Busso boys were a bit lighter on numbers than usual and requested a reduction in the minutes for each quarter to 15 mins. In previous years, we would have jumped at this but there was real apprehension in the Dino camp. After a solid preseason campaign, the majority of the Dally boys wanted the full 20 which is a big tick for Wal and Kev’s lead in sessions and will stand us in good stead for the rest of the year. We decided to stay with the standard 20 minute quarters for the first half and then drop down to 15 minutes if that was still what our guests wanted to do.

During the warm up we lost big Rick (not with sun screen poisoning) with a tweaked hammy which is a classic beginning to his Masters career but as if he was in a scene from Back Draft with backs to the wall and flames all around, he plonked himself at the drop of the ball during the game and handed off to the runners. Well done Rick!!!DSC_0242

The other boys in Graham, Dippa, Deebs and Karl (Fish) dressed in tangerine for the first time thankfully got through the kick to kick and looked primed.



The siren sounded and we kicked off 2015, kicking into a slight breeze. After we dominated possession in the early minutes, Busso entered their forward line and scored the first goal which we answered soon after and went into the break only a goal down thanks largely to the defensive efforts of our all star cast backline of Jonah, Hoggs, Rowey, Fanta, Dools and Shags. These boys have played a bit of footy together now and it showed.


DSC_0447The second quarter saw us retain possession and continue link up footy like we haven’t previously so early in a season…possibly our extra legs on show. Deebs continued his run out of the middle and will be a very handy addition to the Dino stable.

DSC_0154Miller was in a contested possession mood but not just on the ground as he pulled in a couple of pack marks which stopped their run.

DSC_0112Basky was pushing back from the centre and helped set a platform to rebound, DSC_0218Griever was firing out his trademark bullet hand passes in the middle and Hainesy put in his best half of footy for the Dinos yet, gathering ground ball across the middle.


Our wingmen were getting space with Reever (not one blind turn for the game) and Macca clearly the speedsters on the park when we went down the sides. Of all the people on the ground, our ruckman in Hunts wanted the ball most…if he wasn’t tapping out to space, he was gathering on the ground or marking and running his opponent ragged.


Meanwhile up forward there was a storm brewing but we will get to that later. DSC_0511

Hally was gathering possessions as if they were real estate listings and looking to bring into the game other individuals with a penchant for sausage rolls. Our president had put in a monster preseason and his appetite was obvious,

DSC_0561Kingy was getting hold of the pill, Muzz was charging out of the square with all the confidence of a man who could have worn yellow shorts but chose not to.
After a quick drink, a chat from Jonah about talk and assists we shuffled the board to give a few blokes different jobs and off we went into the last two shortened 15 min quarters.

Dools the dependable back man was now Dools the experienced umpire and he was soon to need all that history with a whistle in his gob to handle a spot fire. As we know, Muzz is not afraid to put his body on the line and not prepared to be on the receiving end without letting the other party know that it takes two to dance. DSC_0500Muzza’s mark for the day received a bit of friendly fire and assumed Muzz had dished out a square up so predictably there was a bit of push and shove from a few of the Busso lads. DSC_0502

Unfortunately, Muzza’s young buck Jacko was in the area and seeing his old boy out numbered, offered his support. It all blew over with Dools handling it all very well which was shown in the lack of discussion about the tangle after the game. Well done to all involved as the circumstances could have seen it go another way.

We ran out the game in the last quarter with Basky, Deebs (2nd half in the backline), Rowey, Hainesy and Mill providing plenty of wheels right to the end.


Best players : Hally, Kev, Bask, Rowey, Haines Train, Hunts, Mill, Hoggs, The Wild Samoans (Team Wharton).

5 goals – Kev Pears or Kevin07 (-1) as he likes to be referred to now (he’s talking a 6 goal haul but willing to take 5)
2 goals – Kingy, Hally, Basky

Summary: Perhaps our best all round game at Jurassic Park with contributors from the back, middle and forward lines. We will need some of this form along with guys like Duffy, Juice, PD, Hutto, Gunga, The Blanket etc for our next game in a couple of weeks against the Crabs…easily the toughest assignment in SW Masters footy. I would also highly recommend Muzza’s Spa and Retreat after the game for some aged bourbon and bubbles for the weary legs….he’s open for business post most fixtures.

Thankyou to:

A big up to Dools for officiating the fights while a footy match broke out.

Thanks to Murray for managing Macca and I in the kitchen and then clearing out before the clean up duties began.

Jonah for a Denis Pagan like coaching display.

Kev on the chippy machine…free first bucket of chips for the kids was a winner.

Ebony McNaughton was a star in the responsible service of raffle tickets and helping with kitchen duties…Duke of Edinburgh awards awaits this young lady as she stood up to the pressures of the public while I was Dad joking her.

Manga shuffling the magnets and the burgers on the BBQ. Burgers from DBC were a hit and at $5 represented a hefty discount to the $13 Balingup Fair burger I had earlier in the day….the Busso boys were pretty happy with the $3 beers as well.

Soda and the gang for running water

Keech Out


For more photos, Click Here

Dinos vs Fossils – Sat 16th Aug 2014 under lights

Playing a game on a Saturday evening in August in Collie would on the face of it appear to be an exercise in sadism but with Shane ‘Sunny Boy’ Jones in tow, the temperature stayed above arctic and with no rain or wind, it all made for great playing conditions. The Collie ground is where the Dino’s played their first official game back in 2011 (although in Donnybrook jumpers) so will always have some significance for the club and with so many Dino’s doing their best work after dark…good choice of carnival tune up game Hutto.

We were a few short but grabbed the 60yr+ Ronnie from Collie to fill a pocket and we were set to go. Big up to Rowey for running the board which released Hutto to stream out of full forward with an achilles that is looking towards some rehab before 2015 kicks off. Haousty still carrying a sore calf could have been forgiven for feeling a bit down but with Basky volunteering as driver, it could mean only one thing for our Polish Warrior from Norton Prom…it was play time. After sinking a few on the long drive up the hill, he was thrown into a new experience of umpiring (‘this could get interesting’ was the general feeling amongst his traveling partners) but true to his mantra in life (there are no bad experiences) he embraced the role and grew into the white maggot we all new he was capable of. By the time the last quarter had come, he was feeling so comfortable that he had coined his own term of ‘balls alive’ (casino style) as he tossed the ball up in the middle.

The game started at a frantic pace with Gunja in ruck against Big Tim (colossal man mountain) and after few moments had settled down. Hoggs and Fanta combined as we know they can on the last line, Wal was a rebounding machine who is fast stamping himself as a very important cog in the back six. The middle of the ground was taken care of with Reever (after receiving a wake up tap from Gunja) and Macca ripping up the wings, Bask, Daffy D and Mill were clean through the middle – each working both forward and back, and Muzz provided some slap and tickle when it was called for. Jonah crept forward in the second term to form a very potent 3 pronged attack with Kingy and Hutto (good luck defending that crew in the air or on the ground) with the dynamic sweeping of WD40 never far from the contest.

Best: Daffy D, Wal, Gunja, Muzz, Macca, Hoggs, Fanta

A few beers, a burger or two, Kingy got to see the Tiges get home in Adelaide, Jonah was awarded the coaches mug in his come back game and the Keech/Haoust duo got some beers for a ‘earn your kicks’ umpiring style with a touch of Vegas…and it was onto the bus and into the night. The Crown Hotel got a visit from the boys and from the video/pics seen of the night…we added more than just a little something to Collie’s night life.

Good night club habits die hard with Haousty…Hoost Pole Catadhering to the rule of trying to stand near someone a little less groomed than yourself (wasn’t easy given he was the only bloke who smelt like a pole cat after running around in jeans all evening and still had a beanie on but I recon he got it done).

Well done fellas for making the journey and now it really is carnival time!!!


Sunday 1st June – WA Masters AFL carnival

Hi All,
Time for carnival is nearly here

Dalyellup Ovals : Click here for map of grounds

Bus parking will be reserved in the car park next to the Pavilion.

First games 9:30am

Final games 3.30pm

Fixtures : Click here – for when/where various teams are playing

Change rooms: Click here for Changeroom Locations

#1 – Dinosaurs + Eaton Boomers

#2 – Crabs + Freo Phantoms

#3 – Busso + Albany

#4 – Northern Warriors + Sharks

#5 – Rams + Collie

#6 – Pigs + Ducks

#7 – Margs + Makos

#8 – Ladies and kids toilets only


Breakfast at the ground will be available from 9amLTGB

Tea / Coffee / Cakes available from 9am onwards

Lunch available from 11.30am

12pm – bar open

2.10 – 4.10pm – Teams to collect their complementary beers and soft drink from the bar

5.30pm – Presentations and dinner availableHawaiian Haousty

DJ all day with band Little Miss kicking off from 6pm till 9pmLittle Miss

8pm – Best Hawaiian shirt announced

8.30pm – Yum van closed

9pm – Band finishes

 9.30pm – Shuttle bus back to Bunbury hotels for players not tenting

11pm – Liquor license finishes so its tall stories around the fire and retire to Tentland


–     A camping area will be designated at the grounds for those planning on staying the night…please bring a tent and a swag. Shower and toilet facilities in the new Dalyellup Pavilion will be available on the Monday morning.

–        A tent for rub down and strapping before games will be provided at no cost to the player. If you are able to bring your own tape, that would be appreciated but we will be providing some for those that don’t.

More updates to follow, Keep returning for up to date information



Groovin The Moo

Groovin The Moo (GTM) has come and gone for another year. Over the weekend Hoost gave us the opportunity to help out the juggernaut Go West, with the labour proceeds going to the Dinos. Keech in the day shift (10am-3pm) at Carey Park and Wharton/Bask/Mangers in the evening (8am-12pm) raised $500 for the club. For Dave, he got a few trusted souls handling money and treating the customers as their own and for us it is a nice little kicker so a win win all round. With the Bunbury Council signing on for the next 5 years hopefully we can participate again.


Nice work boys and a big up to Go West !!!

go west 2 Hertz

Dinosaurs on tour – China 2014

guangzhou-in-location-mapNo doubt the odd Dinosaur polo has made it overseas but to my knowledge this trip to China is the first time a group from our footy club has traveled together which is another feather in the cap for the club. The collision of footy, mate ship and business is a powerful combination and given the productive fun we had on this trip, hopefully it is the first of many.


Trip plan

Mon – travel to Guangzhou, China via Singapore
Tues, Wed Thurs – Guangzhou
Friday – Macau
Sat – return to Aus
Sun – arrive early morning

Monday 14th April:


The Blanket swung by Southern Lock and Security in the Hertz rental bus (very comfortable ride at a reasonable rental price) at 7pm with Muzz and The Pest already on board and into the sauce. By Mandurah we were well into the swing and after a quick meal at the pub served by John Bulter’s sister, it was onto the airport. Customs let everyone through except for Craig which was to be a theme for the trip (each time I heard him say ‘damn, mum told me tattoos would cause me grief’) and from there it was all aboard to Singapore (6 hrs) and after a short stop, onto Guangzhou, China (4hrs) which Singapore airlines now calls the Bourbon run as The Ha Ha Boys had a crack at Boonies record and drank the plane dry.



It was Tuesday lunchtime by the time we had thrown the bags into the hotel (Dong Fang which translates to ‘Dick Bite’ in Aussie) and we had made ourselves familiar with the money exchange machine. 550 Yuan to the dollar was the go so with our wallets stuffed with cash, the fidgety four hit the mean streets of Guangzhou, complete with tiger feet stalls and the assorted dried penises. It was an aimless afternoon of window shopping, street drinking (there is no such thing) and prepaid sim card shopping (‘don’t work cos your phone bad..SIM card gooda’…our first taste of customer service Chinese style….aussies not so bad after all). A quick wash back at the hotel and it was out to the Pearl River district for dinner and some chat with the locals. On walking into the restaurant, within a minute, Blanket was holding a live green viper that had been plucked from a wicker basket and had already put it on the hit list before the three China virgins (Pest, Ma-lee, Barclay) could object. Muzz will from here on be known as Ma-lee as our Chinese friends liked to refer to the, how they say, Big Panda (they lined up to get a photo of this huge beast whenever they could). We sat down and had a nice dinner and drinks before the snake came out…strange that it had a backbone but there you go…it was China and as the English was mostly broken, it didn’t seem like much use asking questions…as you would expect, it tasted like chicken (abet, with a green skin). We paid the bill and found a bar across the street with marble, lights and chandeliers but no people so we headed into the karaoke bar next door and sang our hearts out, expressed ourselves through dance (Blanket with a toilet roll at one point) and worked through a few Budweisers. As we walked out of the place a dwarf was singing a Robby Williams song on stage in the main bar so as things were getting a bit boring, we decided to give that lonely bar next door one last go. You couldn’t believe it was the same place, packed to the rafters. Blanket made friends with everyone in the place so the drinks flowed like, well like drinks and we rallied ourselves for a final travel weary push and before we knew it yours truly was on stage with a group of very well groomed young men. There was a little too much bump and grind so Blanket took over with his famous ‘shuffle and point’ manoeuvre which sent the alternative life stylers into a frenzy which culminated in Pesty throwing one of the lads onto the stage to get him off him…wow!! As we were giving off all the wrong signals, it was time to call it quits. Back at the hotel,Ma-lee and Blanket were keen to be moving like gazelles at the fair so they called room service for an emergency massage.





We woke a bit scratchy but keen to get to the fair so we scoffed some breaky (nothing for Craig as said he was full from the night before). Blanket claimed his massage was the best he had every had and to celebrate, he loaded his plate up 3 times with every fried tit bit on the banquet. An hour on the bus and we were at the fair. Ma-lee was like a coiled spring and couldn’t sit down so he left us to contemplate the day ahead. A few hours later we caught up with him and he uttered a sentence that was to haunt him for the trip…’’there’s nothing here, hey ?!!’ The Ha Ha boys and myself looked at him and burst out laughing….we were in one of the biggest shows on earth but ‘there was nothing here’. It was enormous, with shuttle cars going between sheds that were hundreds of meters long and wide and 4 floors…all packed with stalls.

Our dreams of seeing the meca of casinos at Macau (Macau Macau aaaah waaaa over hear aaaah waaaaa) was put to the sword during lunch when one of Blanket’s contacts advised that we would need another visa to get in/out of the place. So, another day at Guangzhou was decided which gave us the opportunity to take the foot off the accelerator but as Ma-lee would say, ‘there’s nothing to see here’ so maybe we would have been ok…but little did we know that the evening ahead would make the extra day a welcome detour. With our bags backed with product brochures/business cards and Pesty now hobbling due to Mr Chow getting him onto an electric unicycle that bit him on the heal (taking a nasty chunk out which would see him limp around like the Hunchback of Jurassic Park for the rest of the trip), we headed back to a bus and the sanctuary of the Dong Fang Hotel. After a shower and Ma-leeand Blanket had got through another massage, we spoke to the crew at the hotel, about where to go, had a drink at the bar and headed for that district. A nice Mediterranean restaurant was found and it was off to find a bar that Pesty had seen in our earlier travels…we hit the mother load…there was a reggae band playing, Sheesha (fruit and tobacco smoking pipes), a Canadian manager who spent most of the night with us and kept the bar open after closing, then guided us to a late night bar later in the evening…wow!! It all culminated in a 7am finish and a late start to the next day.




1pm and a sheepish wake up began…we had missed a day at the fair but given there would now be no Macau, we knew we had Friday so a slow day around the hotel was planned. That went out the window as by 2pm we had found a Dim Sum restaurant, had a couple of Pear River ales on the table, dressed up in our Dinosaur shirts and were enthusiastically belting out Waltzing Matilda to the polite clapping of the other dinners. Blanket was magic man one minute and the next he was playing a sheep as I was demonstrating how to wrangle and Pesty was showing off his wide comb shearing technique, all to a very confused audience. Tears were flowing at this stage and we were enjoying one of our best meals for the trip with food critic Craig describing the dumplings as, ‘a burst of goodness in your mouth’…geez they were good though. The next hour was like walking onto the set of a Quentin Tarantino movie as we helped unload petrol into a storage shed, shared chicken feet from a packet with a couple, watched mah-jong being played, Ma-lee met his Asian twin and we saw the sun for first time on the trip. There was no time to go back to the hotel to wash up for the night so we just continued on (‘Sssstraight thru’ as Blanket would say) to Party Pier and before you knew it, we were in a cowboy restaurant, each with the waiter hats on and massive Hoegaarden pints in our hands. After a good hit out which included Pesty riding a massive wooden horse and shooting balloons, we headed further up the pier. Ma-lee and Craig found a couple of bartenders who wanted to experiment with a few new cocktails which must have improved their eyesight as they made out Dave from 10 storeys up….those Dino shirts had helped all night with countless, ‘aaaah your friends are over there’ assistance. The long rest day finished with a shopping trip at 2am in the back blocks of Guangzhou which made for some very suspect purchases…Stace Hwill not be getting much use out of her $10 sneakers this side of Bagdad I wouldn’t have thought.




Pesty had mentioned that he had never had a day with The Blanket that didn’t involve alcohol so Dave ‘Big Daddy’ H took up the challenge and it was to be a dry 24 hrs. After we moved hotels to the next door Marriot, it was back to the fair to pick up where we left off on Wednesday. Ma-leewas a completely different man to the ‘there’s nothing here’ fair goer earlier in the week and was wrapped to find some lintels, for the rest of us, we shuffled amongst the crowds in 30 degree heat and hydrated when we could find a drink that was below room temp (not big on refrigeration in China). With massive taxi lines from the fair, we found ourselves following a potential gang of thieves into a subway that could have been the precursor to a very dark place…we broke those ties for a traditional taxi after walking our traditional 5kms before getting one. The next couple of hours back at the hotel where like a haemophiliac walking into a blood bank…bit of time forPesty and Iby the pool with a few beers while Ma-leeand Blanket enjoyed their umpteenth massage for the week. A bit of a rinse and it was off to the Tian He district for some dinner and a bit of stall shopping on the way home….Blanket no drinks BTW and we were home in the PM for first time during the trip.




9am and it was off to the airport..Christmas carols were playing in the gift shop as we left….’Hark now hear the angles cry..’ in April..classic China….cheerful enough but just not quite right. Dave had booked the flights home so on each leg a sticker would appear on a poor unsuspecting ‘mate’s’ seat…soon to be followed by a hostess letting you know that your Indian Vegetarian meal would be served after the other guests had got their beef or chicken meal….but on the back of the week we had had, a nice green salad looked pretty good to me. After a very short stop in Singapore, we were home at close to midnight and found the Hertz rental bus where we left it. The cool Freo doctor hit us in the face as we exited the Perth airport, we collected a roo on the way home which McNaughton Gardiner will no doubt hear about and before we knew it, we were back in the Southwest and pretty happy about it.


Sunday – Home at 2am


The plague epidemic, part of the Third Pandemic reached Guangzhou in 1894 and caused the death of 60,000 people in a few weeks. I felt like we had put ourselves through at least as much as those poor souls had to endure and consider ourselves fortunate to have got home safely abet a few sore stomach muscles.A trip to try and remember for sure!!!

First Game of Season 2014 Vs Eaton Boomers @ Boyanup

Saturday 29-3-14 vs Eaton

Venue : Boyanup Oval
Charlotte Street Boyanup ( Click for Directions )Boyanup Footy CLub
Game Time (start) : 2.30pm
Bus leaving at 1.30pm from the Dalyellup car park near the cricket wickets
Presentations at the Bull and Bush

It has been a scrap to come up with a ground as the shire would not give us tenancy of the oval until 1st April and the cricketers have a wind up at the Pav that night for the 3RD Grade final. We will play after the Eaton league side plays and there will be a canteen open for the first half of our game for coffees and burgers etc for our spectators (Lisa at the Cardinals is the organiser). The change rooms will also be available to us.

As Eaton are going back to their roots, this will be played as a Heritage Round so please bring your old jumpers to the ground as well.

We need a few fund raisers we can do in the pub as we will not be making any cash on the food and drinks now….any ideas appreciated.


Dinos Pre-season Kicks Off In Style


Brilliant night! Well done Hutto and Manga on the best kick off we have had in our short history….no question. We even had the Fanta-razzi on hand to capture the journey…Dinos 2014 doco to be released early October.

Hard to believe we are the same crew that wandered down a thousand moons ago to the day, to rediscover the pig skin at the then un-named Jurassic Park….and there was no more shining example than our Capt, Murrington Wharton (the gentleman welder). Murray ‘The Stair Master’ Wharton made Bunbury’s answer to Jacobs ladder look like a joke. For those who have not seen him for a while, be prepared, he’s loaded up on Herbalife (potential sponsor there Muzz) shakes over the summer and is now half the man he used to be…elbows still sharp as ever.

Josh Milordis (mate of Juices) and Neil “Nobba” Morrris (Mangan connection) came down for a look and if their clearances come through from their old clubs (if their still running cos its been a while), they will be Dinosaurs. Both are moderately religious and come from inter-racial families so please have your sensibilities on around them. Please shout them a beer when you have the chance.

One sad omission was our only paid player, The Blanket. He was busy as the photo indicates. The Blanket 01

Now, before anyone gets up and about regarding double standards etc…David is on a good lick to perform in the big games, not slog it out like the mere mortals at the height of summer. Getting the Minister for Transport to a preseason session would be akin to Whitey rolling down before May and we all know the chances of that.

The Biggest Loser was a disgrace with the scales being as reliable as Kingy sticking to a half back flank….my apologies there but I don’t think there was a big appetite (ha ha) for it anyway.

For those that did not throw into the till (it was hidden in a bag next to the esky), please make up the funds next week ($3 beers, $1 snags).

Given the run + swim went so well with the heat, there was a bit of talk about staying away from Jurassic Park for a few weeks longer and would be interested to hear what you all think about that.

Location for next week to be announced…….


Pics to follow – Dinorazzi

WACA Test Day 1 – Ashes 2013 – Dinosaurs on Parade

IMG_1147WACA Test Day 1 – Ashes 2013 – Dinosaurs on Parade


Dinos present on tour :                   Craig Hall, David Haoust, Murray Wharton, Chris Simbas,
Paul Delaney, David White, Andrew King, Nic Ogden, Ben ‘Gunja’ Johnson and Bill Keech.

                                                                   The beers had been icedIMG_1136 from the night before and Chef Hall had the BBQ cooked by the time we arrived at his place at 7.30am…like a well oiled (and we were by Mandurah) machine we pulled out on the Go West Bus with fellow sponsors Southern Lock and Security, Gard and Associates represented (sadly Spirit Radio, Warrick Welding and Nexus Insurance we not able to make it happen at this busy time of year)….no excuses for any product placement this year within reports.

The panic in Oggy’s voice was palpable, he had missed his bus and in danger of missing the first ball. As is the Dino way, we made a detour and swooped up the man voted as least popular Dinosaur 2011.                                                     After a few wee stops (down from last year as Sarrey was not on this years tour), dealing with Kingy’s thong blow out and battling the Perth traffic we arrived at the ground with Australia having lost an early wicket.IMG_1106


We grabbed our seats and no sooner had we sat down thanIMG_1109 the SMSs from the corporate tent started….Muzz with beer, Murray with canapés, Murrington (from Warrick Welding) with Gladstone Small (and his companion, Gladbags Big).

The Aussies dug in and we went to lunch over the road at Gloucester Park on the instruction of that wiley ol captain of the Dalyellup 3rds, David White. The full strength beer was a relief to the system although PD struggled with the fact that there was no red wonder on offer.

With the reliIMG_1108ef of having been in shade for a few hours, we headed back to the ground to brave the 40 degree heat on the plastic seats (check out the pic of Whitey shorts for an indication of just how hot it was).

We finished the day full of cheer as the Aussies had complied the biggest first day score at a WACA test. Only on thing to do, celebrate at one of the Dinos favourite watering holes, The Carlton Hotel where the render has completely gone now and the patrons have started picking at the brick mortar…expect a death at this joint any day.

Mike Atherton was good enough to have a photo with us on the way to The Carlton but needed it to be quick as he had a function to get to. I said no problems Mike and yelled at Muzz/Hally and Gunja who where about 200m away across the park. After he had got over his bizzy self (with an obscenity), I asked him if I could wrestle him for the urn in the pick. He said, ‘no lad, I’m not dIMG_1140oing that and anyway you’ve already got that fooking thing’.

The Go West bus was delayed somewhat which had nobody complaining except Whitey as he had to play the next day. After an eventful trip (Hoost’s “Austray-ya, ya chicken is ready, austray-ya, ready right now, austray-ya, red red ready red rooster” will not leave my head), we arrived in Bunbury at a bit past midnight. The magnificent Terri Keech of Southern Lock and Security fame was waiting at Go West HQ to ferry the weary lads home.

As the pics tell, it was a cracker.

IMG_1143Next year there is no test but we will most likely do a one day-er.

# 23

Keech “The Key”IMG_1105 Greig