Home and Away Game # 4 – Dinos vs Eaton (at Glen Huon Oval)

The league had toyed with many names to promote this round……


  1. ‘New Kids on the Block’ round: With a third of the Dino side new to the club this year this tag would have fitted but give me a Scharenberg (man band) over a Wahlberg (boy band) any day.


  1. ‘Retro’ round due to the coach’s reliance on a cardboard magnetic board (good idea with the forecast of rain) after a couple of fruitless visits to the shed and pav to find the magnets on the morning of the game.


  1. ‘GWS v Goldy’ to honour the clash of the new boys to Masters footy in the Dinos and Boomers. Both clubs have been in the comp for 4.5 years now and it was time to see who had reached their 5 year plan.


The challenges of getting each of the 28 Dinos on the park for a ‘coach doesn’t get lynched in the car park’ amount of time and in an appropriate position was not lost on me as I pre-programmed 9 x three way changes. Unfortunately, half a dozen ‘Robert Bogucki’s (blokes lost in the wilderness) rocked up and the Limo boys arrived like rock stars with 5 minutes to bounce down. Muzz at Loosey’s wheel $5, the wolf pack (King/Rowe/Mill-haoust) $2, Hoost and Macca $2…..$15 slides as the great man would say.


First game players in Kane and Mark joined the other first year players in the team including Barbs, Deebs, Fish, Big Rick, Charlo, Dippa and Reidy. This is fantastic from a playing point of view but awesome from a club perspective. It’s going to be very interesting to see their performances in the back end of the season when the really big games arrive. I’m talking about the Rottnest end of season trip, the Mandurah Carnival, the Players dinner and the AFL 9s trip to Subi of course.


It was fair to say, this was not our best display of footy for 2015 but served to give a few guys different roles which will stand us in good stead in the future. Hoggs at full forward with 4 goals proved his versatility, Muzz on the wing was a revelation, Kingy continued his ruck transformation in Manga/Corey’s absence, Fanta/Shagga developed their ‘back 6’ contentedness with a quick exit from the forward line whenever placed there and Juice went to his first day of trade school and got to see what a good chippy can do with treated pine.


Pre-programmed rotations….stars on every line and a populated bench for fresh legs and where a truck load of ‘encouragement’ could be found.


Hoost (late withdrawal with Prince-itis), kane, hally, Dippa

Mill, macca, fish

Mark, Hoggs, Reidy

Fanta, Charlo, Rowey

Duffy, Bask, Shagga, Hutto (late withdrawal)

Gunja, Kingy, Marko

Reever, Rick, Muzz, 40 (late withdrawal)

Deebs, Gitts, Kev, Nobba

Basky, Griever Barbs


As we would have expected with the playing numbers and the line up above, the Dinos edged away in the 2nd quarter and extended that slightly in the 2nd half to record a six goal win but certainly not our best footy. Eaton played for keeps and in the end it was a reasonable hit out for most.


Best: Hoggs, Muzz, Reidy, Fanta and Macca.


Those not committed to the GAT on Sat 4th July, I’m pretty sure it’s mandatory, so get your $100 ticket and get along. It’s a day for the little kids (Variety Kids Charity) and something there for the big kids too.


A couple of notables……..


Mark lived up to his namesake and took one of the marks of the day in the dying minutes to finish off a solid start to his dinosaur career after pushing very hard for selection at last Thursday’s training session with knee slides etc (yes, even a fill in coach couldn’t miss the endeavour).


Gitts showed off his kicking efficiency, finishing with 100% after a beautiful ‘keep your feet’ display to intercept an incoming ball in the backline and deliver laces out ….dragged himself immediately to protect the stat.


Hally has never been afraid of a full frontal and generally nobody gets hurts but unfortunately for ‘the commissioner’ he got shown a fore arm by the on coming traffic and ended up in hospital with internal stiches. He trudged off the ground looking like he’s just had 10 vodka and red bulls as Fitzy’s after biting his lip for the first time in his life.


What did we learn from the game ?


Hutto’s newly imported girdle may not be enough to get this aging warrior back to his pack crashing best

Hoost is becoming a carnival specialist not unlike Tiger saving himself for majors

Nobba is back and will be better for the run

Gitts displayed more efficiency than an electric car.

Duffy still loves a goal

Shagga and Fanta – eventually there is always only gonna be one degree of separation from them and the full back

Marko Cahill loves a bit of old school body on body…the Dino’s Mumford.

Macca is in denial that he is a very effective half back re-bounder

Big Rick – Pearsy keen to do a kick (his) to handpass (yours) at training on Thursday

Dippa – a quiet achiever ready for any role

Muzz – not sure if he’s 50 or not these days, certainly wound the clock back on the wing

Reever – you better play him down the spine cos there’s no way he will love only one side

Mill – Milhouse bought back the biff of his Miller days and disciplined himself with some bench time

Rowey – like a cat with a scratching pole on the bench (add Juice and Reever at the same time and you’ve got more pole action than the Voodoo Lounge)

Fanta – career best

Gunja – when it’s a bad hair day for BJ, it’s a shocker with those locks so thank the lord it didn’t rain

Reidy – bends over easier than most big boys (good ground skills)

40 – Birthday keg shout out at end of game, ultimate team player.

Charlo – crystal ball says he will win us a game at half fwd, fwd pocket in the future

Deebs – great recruiting whoever mentioned the Dinos to this man

Bards – see above


Last home game in 3 weeks against a power house side we have never played before in home and away so make sure you are part of history and get cherry ripe.




Pics to follow – IT department has been warned


On a crisp Sunday morning when some folk are bundling into cars for church, we looked forward to a different religious experience. 14 Dinosaurs boarded the trusty Go West bus, 2 Dinosaurs waited by the roadside, and half a dozen men true to the tangerine made their own way to the ground with their families.


Team assembled:

Fwds : Kingy, Hutto (becoming a habit), Charlesy, Fish, Hoost, Muzza, Shano C

Mids/C/Wings/Ruck : Macca, Griever, Juice, Pearsy, Hainesy, Sauce, Reever

Backs: Hoggs, Fanta, Shag, Wal, Keechy, Maybes, Dools, Marko

Upper Middle Management: Craig ‘the commissioner’ Hall


[Apologies to anyone left out but should be a wake up call to get more ball or celebrate a little harder]


For those that couldn’t get there, I know you all want to know how we went so I will save you skipping to the bottom (spoiler alert)…the league expects excellence from us at festivals (debuting, hosting, playing, celebrating) and the crew of 2015 did not disappoint. With the first two games in the bag (solid 4+ goal wins) we managed to squeeze in a booze cruise in our newly acquired limo (Loosey) before taking on our old carnival nemesis, Mandurah in the last hit out. They suffered the same fait as the previous two sides to complete a clean sweep for the boys from Jurassic Park.


Righto, now to the details and into the night…….


Vic Park Pigs – Game #1


We had completed the usual semi convincing warm up, Muzz announced he would play in the yella for the first time (to a massive round of applause which had a hint of ‘shit, its about time’ about it and maybe a bit of ‘ok, they cant touch him but he’s unlikely to return the favour’). The dencorub was applied and then a last nervous wiz which in combo helps make up for the mediocre warm ups. Just prior to kick off we were reminded that not all the crowd was on our side as I had a bloke taunt me from the time keepers crows nest, ‘hey Keechy (read my jumper)…you’ve got a hair cut like Brett Kirk’ which given Brett’s liking for a mung bean sandwich, had me at the other end of the rev up spectrum to Dools who had spent the last minutes getting pumped up listening to System of the Down.


Blues skies made for a fast paced game and Wal and Juice were on from the start. Sauce was giving a contest in the middle and proved more than a handy big man addition, Pearsy was putting his bruised ribs on the line, Reever was gathering possessions across the middle and lifted his kicking efficiency to Sam Mitchell levels. Up forward, King was presenting at CHF, Hutto came charging out of the square. Meanwhile, down back Marko looked after the middle of the ground like Gina Rinehart protects a trust fund, Shags and Fanta where either intercept marking or tackling, Dools was offering a steady hand and good voice, Hoggs was his stingy self with some clever decisions when kicking out.


Unfortunately Charlesy did a hamstring and was sidelined for the carnival which was a shame in his debut of the club but definitely not an unheard of way to start your Masters career. If have a feeling from his energy over the course of the evening that we haven’t seen the last of him.


Best : Wal, Juice, Hainesy, Reever, Hoggs, Kingy


Waroona – Game #2


Do yourselves a favour and have a look at the hang that Wal took in this game (great job Shona BTW), best mark I have seen live and one of the best I have seen full stop. Another bonus of Muzz wearing the yella is that it is easy to spot him at the bottom of Wal’s stairway to heaven….Capt Muzz has been the foundation of so much of the good stuff that has gone about DDFC in the last 5 years but being used as a launching pad for your buddies has taken that selflessness to a new level. Wal’s previous attempt 20 secs earlier and then to get to this pack and launch again makes the mark even better and something that I will never forget. It might sound like the writer is setting himself up for preferential selection from the coach but Wal’s running, bounce bounce goal in this game was another for the highlight reel….enough said, the kid went off. Davros ‘the magician’ Hoost should have worn Rowey’s baggy shorts cos he was putting in an Eddie Betts impersonation with 3 classic goal sneak magors and all the back of about 2 training nights and enough aeroplane food to fill the Tardus over the last two months.


This was Waroona’s first year and I couldn’t help but see similarities between them and us in our first year (came to the carnival with less than 18 players with link up footy as likely as a Kevin Pears assist). Although a small ground, we found space with overlap and direction when we needed to and a continuation from the previous game in the backline meant we finished without giving up a single goal. One of their player’s (Wardy) comments after the game was, ‘you blokes are dynamite!’


Best : Wal, Juice, Hoost, Hainsey, Reever, Hutto


Mandurah Makos – Game #3


The smaller oval #3 for the second time was welcomed and given the way we played in the previous game on that track, we were only too happy to give it another run. Juice fired out of the middle from the whistle, Hainsey continued his run and bagged a Mako’s head for his pool room after copping a cheapy, big Marko went body on body (copping an egg on his head in the process), Kingy delighted his legion of female fans on the side lines with a couple late and Hutto clunked a couple. Dinos finished with plenty of run to wind up a good day on the track.


Best : Juice, Kingy, Marko, Hainsey, Wal


Mike Grieve got pushed into the middle of the circle and was toasted as the first Dinosaur to make it to 50 games….a beer a training this week from everyone should see him totally useless at work the next day so if we can spread it out over a few weeks, that would be great.


Best over the 3 games : Juice, Wal, Hainesy, Reever, Hoost (not training is the new black)


Big up to Wal and Hally for a fine coaching/playing/running water/coaching/magnet shuffle combination. Thanks to Davros for the bus, to Shona for taking all the picks, Soda for running a bit of water and all the families who came out to support their man.


At Preso’s a couple of our ex-players/super stars in Wardy (Waroona) and Oggy (Rocky Rams) got presented with their new teams best players. Maybe next year they’ll include the starts they got at Jurassic Park in their speeches (I know both of you are still on the email list and read these reports). Both are welcome to do a Trent Croad and jump ship again anytime back to the tangerine.


After a few beers at the footy club bar, we loaded into the bus to begin celebrating like a team that takes their own limo to a carnival. First stop was the Nard which usually greets us like a long lost brother but they must have got word that our version of John Travolta (Luke 40) was not in the Dino den because as the pic would indicate, it was as flat as a shit carters hat. We made the best of this with ice addicts and ladies of the night our pool partners but eventually settled for picking up a couple of boy band members and hot footing it to The Fire Station on Queen St. It was a few beers of crafted nectar, a chat with the beautiful people of Busso and back into the bus for the trip home.


Big up to Shags for driving the bus home which is not an easy gig when the wind is up and the Dino spinnaker well and truly popped.


We take a breath for most of June and then come home with the second half of the season and Eaton, Albany, the Ducks and Mandurah Carnival.


#23 over and out.


Hi All,

Photos to follow we had an IT Hardware failure and are working through the issue.

Photos are HERE

Cheers  – Dinarazzi Crew

Game 1 – Dalyellup Dinos vs Busselton Maggies Sat 18th April 2015 Jurassic Park

DSC_0274After the latest start we have had to a season, the first game was finally here and we were greeted with a magnificent day for footy…light to medium breeze and enough sunshine to see new boy Rick the fire starter, plastered with sufficient sun cream to put out an industrial inferno.

The Busso boys were a bit lighter on numbers than usual and requested a reduction in the minutes for each quarter to 15 mins. In previous years, we would have jumped at this but there was real apprehension in the Dino camp. After a solid preseason campaign, the majority of the Dally boys wanted the full 20 which is a big tick for Wal and Kev’s lead in sessions and will stand us in good stead for the rest of the year. We decided to stay with the standard 20 minute quarters for the first half and then drop down to 15 minutes if that was still what our guests wanted to do.

During the warm up we lost big Rick (not with sun screen poisoning) with a tweaked hammy which is a classic beginning to his Masters career but as if he was in a scene from Back Draft with backs to the wall and flames all around, he plonked himself at the drop of the ball during the game and handed off to the runners. Well done Rick!!!DSC_0242

The other boys in Graham, Dippa, Deebs and Karl (Fish) dressed in tangerine for the first time thankfully got through the kick to kick and looked primed.



The siren sounded and we kicked off 2015, kicking into a slight breeze. After we dominated possession in the early minutes, Busso entered their forward line and scored the first goal which we answered soon after and went into the break only a goal down thanks largely to the defensive efforts of our all star cast backline of Jonah, Hoggs, Rowey, Fanta, Dools and Shags. These boys have played a bit of footy together now and it showed.


DSC_0447The second quarter saw us retain possession and continue link up footy like we haven’t previously so early in a season…possibly our extra legs on show. Deebs continued his run out of the middle and will be a very handy addition to the Dino stable.

DSC_0154Miller was in a contested possession mood but not just on the ground as he pulled in a couple of pack marks which stopped their run.

DSC_0112Basky was pushing back from the centre and helped set a platform to rebound, DSC_0218Griever was firing out his trademark bullet hand passes in the middle and Hainesy put in his best half of footy for the Dinos yet, gathering ground ball across the middle.


Our wingmen were getting space with Reever (not one blind turn for the game) and Macca clearly the speedsters on the park when we went down the sides. Of all the people on the ground, our ruckman in Hunts wanted the ball most…if he wasn’t tapping out to space, he was gathering on the ground or marking and running his opponent ragged.


Meanwhile up forward there was a storm brewing but we will get to that later. DSC_0511

Hally was gathering possessions as if they were real estate listings and looking to bring into the game other individuals with a penchant for sausage rolls. Our president had put in a monster preseason and his appetite was obvious,

DSC_0561Kingy was getting hold of the pill, Muzz was charging out of the square with all the confidence of a man who could have worn yellow shorts but chose not to.
After a quick drink, a chat from Jonah about talk and assists we shuffled the board to give a few blokes different jobs and off we went into the last two shortened 15 min quarters.

Dools the dependable back man was now Dools the experienced umpire and he was soon to need all that history with a whistle in his gob to handle a spot fire. As we know, Muzz is not afraid to put his body on the line and not prepared to be on the receiving end without letting the other party know that it takes two to dance. DSC_0500Muzza’s mark for the day received a bit of friendly fire and assumed Muzz had dished out a square up so predictably there was a bit of push and shove from a few of the Busso lads. DSC_0502

Unfortunately, Muzza’s young buck Jacko was in the area and seeing his old boy out numbered, offered his support. It all blew over with Dools handling it all very well which was shown in the lack of discussion about the tangle after the game. Well done to all involved as the circumstances could have seen it go another way.

We ran out the game in the last quarter with Basky, Deebs (2nd half in the backline), Rowey, Hainesy and Mill providing plenty of wheels right to the end.


Best players : Hally, Kev, Bask, Rowey, Haines Train, Hunts, Mill, Hoggs, The Wild Samoans (Team Wharton).

5 goals – Kev Pears or Kevin07 (-1) as he likes to be referred to now (he’s talking a 6 goal haul but willing to take 5)
2 goals – Kingy, Hally, Basky

Summary: Perhaps our best all round game at Jurassic Park with contributors from the back, middle and forward lines. We will need some of this form along with guys like Duffy, Juice, PD, Hutto, Gunga, The Blanket etc for our next game in a couple of weeks against the Crabs…easily the toughest assignment in SW Masters footy. I would also highly recommend Muzza’s Spa and Retreat after the game for some aged bourbon and bubbles for the weary legs….he’s open for business post most fixtures.

Thankyou to:

A big up to Dools for officiating the fights while a footy match broke out.

Thanks to Murray for managing Macca and I in the kitchen and then clearing out before the clean up duties began.

Jonah for a Denis Pagan like coaching display.

Kev on the chippy machine…free first bucket of chips for the kids was a winner.

Ebony McNaughton was a star in the responsible service of raffle tickets and helping with kitchen duties…Duke of Edinburgh awards awaits this young lady as she stood up to the pressures of the public while I was Dad joking her.

Manga shuffling the magnets and the burgers on the BBQ. Burgers from DBC were a hit and at $5 represented a hefty discount to the $13 Balingup Fair burger I had earlier in the day….the Busso boys were pretty happy with the $3 beers as well.

Soda and the gang for running water

Keech Out


For more photos, Click Here

Dinos vs Fossils – Sat 16th Aug 2014 under lights

Playing a game on a Saturday evening in August in Collie would on the face of it appear to be an exercise in sadism but with Shane ‘Sunny Boy’ Jones in tow, the temperature stayed above arctic and with no rain or wind, it all made for great playing conditions. The Collie ground is where the Dino’s played their first official game back in 2011 (although in Donnybrook jumpers) so will always have some significance for the club and with so many Dino’s doing their best work after dark…good choice of carnival tune up game Hutto.

We were a few short but grabbed the 60yr+ Ronnie from Collie to fill a pocket and we were set to go. Big up to Rowey for running the board which released Hutto to stream out of full forward with an achilles that is looking towards some rehab before 2015 kicks off. Haousty still carrying a sore calf could have been forgiven for feeling a bit down but with Basky volunteering as driver, it could mean only one thing for our Polish Warrior from Norton Prom…it was play time. After sinking a few on the long drive up the hill, he was thrown into a new experience of umpiring (‘this could get interesting’ was the general feeling amongst his traveling partners) but true to his mantra in life (there are no bad experiences) he embraced the role and grew into the white maggot we all new he was capable of. By the time the last quarter had come, he was feeling so comfortable that he had coined his own term of ‘balls alive’ (casino style) as he tossed the ball up in the middle.

The game started at a frantic pace with Gunja in ruck against Big Tim (colossal man mountain) and after few moments had settled down. Hoggs and Fanta combined as we know they can on the last line, Wal was a rebounding machine who is fast stamping himself as a very important cog in the back six. The middle of the ground was taken care of with Reever (after receiving a wake up tap from Gunja) and Macca ripping up the wings, Bask, Daffy D and Mill were clean through the middle – each working both forward and back, and Muzz provided some slap and tickle when it was called for. Jonah crept forward in the second term to form a very potent 3 pronged attack with Kingy and Hutto (good luck defending that crew in the air or on the ground) with the dynamic sweeping of WD40 never far from the contest.

Best: Daffy D, Wal, Gunja, Muzz, Macca, Hoggs, Fanta

A few beers, a burger or two, Kingy got to see the Tiges get home in Adelaide, Jonah was awarded the coaches mug in his come back game and the Keech/Haoust duo got some beers for a ‘earn your kicks’ umpiring style with a touch of Vegas…and it was onto the bus and into the night. The Crown Hotel got a visit from the boys and from the video/pics seen of the night…we added more than just a little something to Collie’s night life.

Good night club habits die hard with Haousty…Hoost Pole Catadhering to the rule of trying to stand near someone a little less groomed than yourself (wasn’t easy given he was the only bloke who smelt like a pole cat after running around in jeans all evening and still had a beanie on but I recon he got it done).

Well done fellas for making the journey and now it really is carnival time!!!


Game # 7 Dinos vs Busso

DSC_05024.30pm rolled around and we had 7 players on the bus and about half a dozen likely self drivers. After hanging around a bit longer hoping a few extras would arrive, swinging past Shagga’s place to get his boots, going back to the shed to get the jumpers (we missed our property manager big time) and scraping Rowey up on the way…we hit the road a date with destiny.

As if we weren’t off enough, Haousty had returned recently from the hippy area around Coffs Harbor with some music so mellow it would have made Neil from the Young Ones happy…as we pulled into the Busselton ground, we were like a dozen rabbits with myxomatosis…blurred eyes and moving like Grenville Dietrich in his twilight years.

We threw our gear in the change rooms and wandered out onto a soggy oval which included a moat around the southern side. The ball went up and 15 minutes later we had been jumped with only a few points on the board and The Maggie’s had 4 or 5 goals in the pocket. Juice and Rowey scrapped hard to restricted the damage with Corey doing a very good job in the ruck.

The second term was better with the Dino’s kicking the first goal and we would have won the 3rd marginally with the final stanza pretty even so over all about a 6 goal loss which we would have taken at quarter time for sure. A solid effort from Reever, Fanta, Rowey, Juice and Corey with Duffy the only forward to fire a shot. Big up to Shagga, Hutto and 40 who never intended on playing due to injury but as playing stocks where low, pulled the boots on and battled manfully. Soda pop ran water all night with his back up Haousty (our only paid player earning his way) doing an impression of a long range water bomber arriving after the fire had been put out…did his best work holding up the magnets for sure.

We presented the Busso Prez with a gold handled mop for cleaning up the fixture mess and rescheduling the rescheduled fixtures that allowed us to have a game this weekend. The Magpie crew are probably the best organized of the competition with an active 13 man committee and put on a great spread that put Sizzler to shame for buffet variety…steaks, salads and potato done 100 different ways.

We’d had a few beers to wash away the stench of defeat so the mood on the bus was good. The Nard was hit in typical Dinosaur style and we lit the place up with Yagaer bombs exploding all over the main bar. Haousty drove through the night and dropped crew where they needed to be dropped, even successfully talking a couple of Dinos out of kicking on in which is the equivalent of Putin telling his grand kids not to play with matches…sure to trigger a few fines later in the week.

Gutsy effort boys and now we’re carnival bound !!!


Game # 6 – Dinos vs Ducks at Jurassic Park

This game signaled the last home game for the year and fittingly we raised the bat and welcomed the 50th and 51st players for the year in Ben ‘Duffy’ Duff and Andrew ‘Wal’ Waller. Both of these gentlemen are highly respected pillars of the community and from both their games on the weekend, will be an asset both on and off Jurassic Park.

It was telegraphed during the week by the boys from Dunsborough that the Ducks were a bit light on for players, arriving with a dirty dozen. As has been the case for most of the year, we had a great turnout for those keen to don the tangerine and could make up their numbers with guys who had not done the walk of shame before and played for the opposition. The hired guns for the day would be Frank, Griever, Fos, Duffy, Steve and big Marky Mark. A big up to these boys as they all put in sterling performances in the unfamiliar black and gold (must have almost killed Duffy as a die hard Essendon supporter) and made the day for the guys from Dunsborough with their best player for the day commenting that ‘it was the most enjoyable game for the whole year’. This is a big tick for us to enable an undermanned opposition to get something out of the day and in the end, we all got a bit more game time, tested ourselves against our buddies and met a few new guys as team mates. Don’t get any ideas Duffy, although you’re only on a one year contract due to past injuries, you are contracted to the end of next year.

Anyway…onto the game.

The forecast was for light breezes, a cool day and no rain which is exactly what we got. Dunsborough provided Phil The Reliable as umpire and we had the whistle happy Keech to contend with. The ball was bounced and within a couple of minutes Muzz had cut across the path of his good mate Gunja at full forward to take a mark and slotted a goal for the home side. The quarter was an even, slightly messy affair with Wal showing flashes of class and more moving parts than Jamie Abbs at this weekends GAT auction (if you haven’t got a ticket to this year, please give Muzz a buzz at Warrick Welding early this week), Pearsy was bizzy, Mill and Rowey had some extra responsibility with Bask and Juice not playing and the back line carried on from the Collie game with most of our first picked back six Hutto/Fanta/Hoggs/Shagga rolling. Duffy hit the score board for the opposition in what we hoped would be his only signal that this was the last time he would be farmed out…that wasn’t the case and an appropriate fine will be issued come Thursday. The second quarter was a dower struggle with a K.Pears snap one of the highlights, Haousty still hadn’t come out of the square in his trademark centerman’s running pattern of a tight 50sqm, Duffy continued to pepper the goals for the away team.

The second half saw a few changes with Hutto gaining some control as the umpy after an inconsistent performance from #23 in the flouro vest that would have had Jeff Geischan tearing his hair out and ‘Tank’ from the Ducks letting me know that no matter how bad a player I might be, I’d be better at that. The 3rd quarter started with a fine so although the quality of ball was a bit down, the Tupperware will be getting a work out on Thursday. Details will be revealed at training but it involved a Dinosaur running the same way he had just finished running in the second…you beauty!! (this had been hit hard in 2014 so if you name rhymes with ‘Snowy’ bring ya wallet). Kingy was moved from the unfamiliar back half, which to his credit he stayed in, to go on a feeding frenzy and kicked 3 goals from set shots. Duffy sold Fanta a lolly shop, missed Fos with the hand pass but was having that kind of day and found a Duck for another assist…he had now kicked 3 and was clearly their best.

The last break came and Haousty had done his calf so Hutto suggested a back pocket…’no, i can’t really go on’ and gave a little wince or two to ram home his discomfort. No sooner had a forward pocket been suggested than the calf got loose and our Blanket was ready for one last dash at the line….something appropriate for the Tupperware please Heals. Fos had been bizzy all day without getting on the board but as he’s in career best form, it just had to happen….yep, he slotted his first goal on Jurassic Park. It might not have been in the tangerine but the way his was strutting and high stepping around the ground, you wouldn’t have known it. The final whistle sounded and it was the end of an enjoyable hit out, played in good spirits and gave most as much footy as we wanted.

It was time for a few beers, a shower (cold, but we will get to that) and presentations.

After Micky Grieve had bragged about his brandy gravy during the week..apparently the kids were putting the leftovers from the night before on their weeties, it was that good….he was challenged to produce some for after the game….wow, was I looking forward to that on a cold day in the middle of winter. Unfortunately he decided that the last home game of the year did not warrant that effort so produced an alternative that would have seen him voted off master chef in the first 5 minutes. I am sure the Tupperware will get a work out for this deed which can probably get rolled into the fine as the property steward for providing smelly jumpers, bringing half as much sliced beef as asked for and while we’re on a roll, the cold showers could probably fall under his property/game day operations manager duties as well …in fact Bask, just get hold of his bank details before pay day and we’ll redirect the lot this week. The credits for making the gravy, opening up the pav, cleaning up the pav and locking up the joint will have to be considered by the court…big up Griever ;-)!!

Best players for us were: Kingy and Kev ‘Barney Rubble’ Pears (his wife was also seen using his fluffy leopard print stubby holder on the night so there’s probably another fine there). Shagga’s absence from Fines Master duties should be taken advantage of and if Hammer sees fit, given the Ducks wanted to give their best player to his mark in Duffy, its 5 clams for the Tupperware from old shag bags.

Well done to Griever for the above, Mangers for the drinks, Hutto for the shuffling of magnets and umpiring and the boys who played for the Ducks which made a proper game of it.

Now it’s a month until our next/last game so most likely we will organise a scratch match in a couple of weeks (Georgiana Molloy was discussed with Deano Owens at the start of the year so will probably check that out first) to keep game hardened for a monster bus trip on July 26th in Busselton.

#23 out

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Game # 5 – Dinos vs Collie Fossils

We all headed for the hills this weekend with just enough heading up the Collie hill to field a team. As is the case in most games when numbers are low, it provides opportunities for others and this was no exception with a few crew lining up in unfamiliar positions or playing for the first time. With a clear sky, a temp of 20 degrees, a gentle breeze and a playing surface which is probably the best we will play on all year, we looked set to have as much fun as you can with our shorts on. Reever had his girlfriend at the ground and went missing during the half time break (presumabley for a cuddle, $2) so maybe his shorts were given a rest for a bit.

After a brief warm up and introduction to Frank Italiano, Sauce (Shagga’s cricket buddy who played in last years mid season scratch match) and Kimmy Narkle who all pulled the boots on for their first game it was a toss of coin and we were kicking to the sea across a northerly. The Fossil came out firing and had had two snaps at goal for minors before it happened…yes, this aging rock star of Jurassic Park, popped one through and celebrated like a man who had just woken up with Cindy Crawford….i swear I saw him having a ciggy later that quarter. The midfield of Juice, Bask, Griever and Narks were driving it out of the centre with Reever and Macca streaming down the wings and Gunja providing a formidable target at CHF. The backline generals in Hammer/Hoggs/Shagga were rebounding like a unit that had played together for years with a discipline approach of playing in front and playing off quickly. Collie where putting up a good fight and at half time there were only a few goals in it.

For the second half the coach decided that he was safe from any likely sanctions of playing a game following a red carding so moved himself into the forward line to take advantage of what was the most open game of footy we have played this year….unfortunately a higher powered intervened and he limped off with a puffy knee after a typically gutsy ‘get myself into the drop zone’ scenario…crunch, wallop, pow!!! The newbies in Frank and Sauce followed the lead set by Hammer (who was now playing an out and out blinder) and go hold of pill, fed it to the mids and wings and they drove it up the ground. One of these forays forward was to hit Trev on a beautiful lead, unselfishly he passed off, got the hands back in a second effort that J. Selwood would be happy with and snapped a left thru for his first goal in the tangerine…the boys came from everywhere. Mangers continued to ruck on one leg in an effort that is classic Mangan when the Dinos needed him most.

In the end we had about 30 shots at goal which would be right up there with the best we have done offensively….unfortunately it was 10.20 but enough for a comfy 6 goal buffer.

Best : Hammer, Macca, Juice, Bask, Gunja, Fos…..there could have been half a doz extras on this line as we had contributors on every line.

A big up to the Collie boys who provided both umpires and most of the waterboys/girls for the day.

The beers and burgers at the presentations were enjoyed in a vibe that is what our footy is all about. We chatted about the state of the comp and found common ground on more than a few opinions. Thanks to Bask for driving the bus and the 7 players who went up like that, well done + Haousty of course for providing the wheels. Congratulations to coach Hutto on a great job of bringing the new guys in, placing players in new roles and generally handling a tricky situation with so many players unavailable for the weekend in an organised but relaxed manner.

Only 2 games left for the year boys so let’s get down to training for a good run at our last home game in two weeks and a monster bus trip to Busso at the end of July. The Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea is the next major none footy event on July 5th. The club benefit financially from helping with this day and gets much of the kudos for raising the funds for Variety (the main reason we have been given Country Club of the Year for the last two years) so please help out if you can, buy a ticket or use your contacts to help sell a few tickets.


Game # 4 – Dinos vs Crabs at Jurassic Park

The bench mark of the competition in the Crabs was before us this weekend and with a dozen players from our last game not available, it required a ring around for numbers not seen since Kevin Rudd held office. We started the game with 8 on the bench (as did The Crabs so don’t think they came expecting anything but a fight) which was a fantastic result for our club’s playing stocks into the future.


With the prospect of having to fill 3 games at the carnival and get the necessary administration tasks done, it has created a pool of 40 active players which will be enough to keep things running before all players are available to help run the show and for us to be competitive on the track in all three games.


Hutto had some much welcomed assistance in the coaching panel with Stew Parners running the board, club legend Georgey Nico was back running water and the unluckiest Dino to ever have pulled a hammy in Scooter did the umpiring duties. Thanks for your contributions boys, you certainly helped make the day possible !!


A big thanks to Badge for prodding the Carey Park boys Jamie and Shane Nani and Brenton Smith into action, to Gav Kennedy for playing his first game, cricketing journeymen Benny Lagana and Rod Jones, and Hogg’s mate Paz got involved for the first time also. It was also great to see previous stalwart players having a kick this weekend in Hainesy, Rowey, Deano, Grazer, Oggy and Whitey. 2014 players in Josh and Nobba were on board also which made for a very different team than 2 weeks ago and certainly this time last year.


The weather was kind to us as the wind and rain stayed away for the duration of the game. We were kicking to the Lutheran School end of the ground in the first quarter and began strongly by restricting them to 3 goals and kicking 3 ourselves…it would have been a few years since that would have happened to the Crabs. Benny Lagana kicked two off a forward flank, Paz was sent to full forward to mix it up like Grenville Dietrich and the Nani’s swapped in the ruck and off the bench in an explosive combination. By half time we were only a few goals down and Badge had put in his best half for a few years at Dino land. Unfortunately he was to do an ankle in the 3rd quarter which will see him limping around Kelly Park for a bit. By the last term we were an undetermined amount of goals down as we don’t keep score but things were positive in the huddle and we came out firing. Deano was running hard and hit the board with a few points which was to be our last push The crabs sung their song with gusto that suggested they were very happy with their performance and in that light, so should we be.

All players had lots of footy and many kicks 🙂


Notable performances: Ben Lagana, Mike Kelly, Justin Miller, Nick Ogden, Lee Hutton, Dean Owens.


With the Ha Ha boys otherwise occupied it was a quieter post game party so a few beers with the presentations, a good bloke won the raffle for a change and it was clean up the joint and head home. A big thanks to Hoggs, Tash and Sandra (Mrs Dools) for doing a great job in the kitchen, Whitey for ripping around and collecting $100+ in the raffle…the Dinos and Crabs all mentioned what a top finish to the day it was.


Now it’s onto the carnival in 2 weeks so get your circus tricks perfected and let’s put on a show that will make us all proud and make the club plenty of much needed funds.



Game 3 – Dinos vs Margs Hawks @ Jurassic Park


Our first game at Jurassic Park had arrived and our kitchen legends were busting to show what a couple of weekends of watching the box set of My Kitchen Rules had done for their culinary skills. Meanwhile the change rooms were a buzz and with a solid preseason and two competitive games behind us, we were ready to tackle the Hawks who gave us a good run for our money at home last year.

We had good numbers (23 players), Margs arrived on time and Kimmy Narkle and Bask had put DSC_0131their hands up to umpire so we were set to go. Hutto sent a clear message to the group with captain Mar-lee Wharton’s questioning of his communication style being rewarded with a first quarter benching….# 1 might have been carrying an injury and the coach may have been looking after China’s favourite son but as this is the media, that sort of copy will not sell papers so let’s put it down as a sensational rift between captain and coach. Fran (car 68) loves a horn and she blew hers loudly to signal the start of the encounter.

The Dinos hit the ground running and after a nil all draw for the first 5 minutes of the game, we hit the board and controlled the ball for the first half of the quarter. To the Hawks credit, they came back to eveDSC_0143n the contest at the first whistle. It was Kev Pears’s return game and he showed some signs of rust as he came off with a face full of dirt and enough gravel rash to make him look like he had been dragged across the WACA wicket. He exacted revenge as only this man who god made for the wetter days with a signature ‘take the space’ move…unfortunately it was deemed tunnelling and the unlucky Hawk will need a month of back pDSC_0158hysio DSC_0176before he play again.

All in all, we looked functional up forward, in the middle and down back. Kingy and Jonah had peppered the goals so we appeared to have the fire power to roll over the top. Fossil was up for the fight and got his hand on the ball early, participated in a few contested possessions and generally found a liking for the pig skin. Unfortunately a hurt paw snuffed out the dapper painter with a voice that belongs on Spirit Radio, the crowd obviously felt a little cheated. After the game Fos was seen smashing bottles in the change rooms which is a McQueen celebratory tradition so he must have been reasonably happy with his game despite the injury. The back six had our A graders in there and blocked up most of their momentum so with a bit of breeze at our backs we were ready for the 2nd stanza.

DSC_0381Griever started the quarter with a few hard ball gets but it was the Hawks that arrested the ascendancy. A scrapping Dino backline contributed to them kicking poorly and kept us in the game. Fanta has made no secret of his noble pursuit of the golden fist award 2014 and did his chances no harm with some classic spoils that Danny Frawley or Nick Maxwell would have been proud of. Half time came and went and although we didn’t get smacked in the 3rd, we needed to kick 4 unanswered goals to win but we had the breeze and the will was there. Justin Rocky Miller has kept out of the rough stuff this year which probably goes to his new found zen as a father but he may have paid the price with a nasty wack to the face in the 3rd quarter. He shook it off as Hutto brought him to the bench for evaluation by the doc, no ill effects we thought….until half way through the last he could be seen sprinting DSC_0495away from everyone, unfortunately it was the wrong way and he completed his expensive mission by delivering laces out to a very surprised green jumper. Hutto has tried to indulge everyone who has mentioned their preference for going forward, back or in the guts which is great and today it was Hoggs’s turn to try something different with a move forward. Fortunately for us, his opportunities were limited and he was soon moved back to the familiar surrounds of PD and Fanta in the back six. Facing the direction he was kicking was like a double expresso after being out the night before with the Ha Ha (Hall/Haoust) boys and I cantDSC_0160 remember a time he got beaten in the air or the ball went over the back as he read the play beautifully on its way down into the danger zone.DSC_0414

Willy put a nice full stop on his day with his first goal in AFL….something some others have taken years to chalk up.At the final siren we had gone down by 4-5 goals which was a big effort by the Hawks as they played with 3 players less due to a combo of less skill errors and a touch more fitness.

DSC_0450We enjoyed a few beers with the Margs boys, a nibble on some 1st class $5 burgers (big up to Jenelle, Tash and big Dan with some able assistance from Stacy, Jenna and Bask on the BBQ) and settled in for presos. Pearsy popped on his block buster hat and pinged a few Dinos for not carrying their 4 x 2 orange beam with them and with Manger on the take with a belter of a raffle, the Dino coffers enjoyed a nice top up of just over $500 + booked fines.DSC_0374

Congrats to Hoggs and Fanta (BOT) and Corey (Mug), both hard won and deserved. Mangers had done a fine job in organising the food and drinks and with Hoggs, jumped on the end of a mop to clean up the change rooms…which could have seen the end of the night but Mar-lee had other ideas. So it was back to Gelorup where noise regulations are relaxed and the wild life are nervous. The host had started the fire, cranked the music up to ear bleeding levels and stacked the fridges…it was party time for a doz Dinos, a few Dinoettes and even some of the Dino Juniors….an eye popping education in life was definitely on offer for the kids but if you don’t believe me, I wouldn’t be surprised if there weren’t a couple of Dino TV reporters camped out in the bushes who will shine a bright light on festivities.

Excellent day and evening from a range of Dino boys and girls and now we brace ourselves for the considerable might of The Crabs on Sat 17th May.

Oh we are the Dinosaurs……


Game 2 vs The Sharks at Hands Oval, 12-April 2014



For the first time, the Welsh Piggot shield is in Sharks hands ;-). A well constructed 2 goal win by the battle harden Sharks after completing 3 games in the first two weeks of the year will see them etched onto the shield as victors.


A beautiful 25-30 degree day wDSC_0560ith a slight northerly blowing greeted us at Hands Oval. The siren sounded to end the reserves preseason grand final and it was The Masters turn to light up the big stage. No need to warm up as Muzza’s forehead indicated with beads of sweat already creating a pattern like the stromatolites on the sea floor at Shark Bay (geo geek sneaking out, my apols). A quick end to end, Hutto showed everyone where we were playing which included some surprise moves designed to run the potentially leg weary Sharks off their legs and we were ready to go.


The Sharks had recruited well in the off season and boasted 4 to 5 newbies. These newDSC_0449 Sharks got some early ball and we started to see why they had given Collie a lesson in the first game and had the confidence to go to the Wongan Hills carnival the following week and acquit themselves well. Anyway, enough about them i hear you say…what about the boys from the Country Club of the year 2012 and 2013 ?


Juice, Miller, Corey and The Blanket were the starting engine room and were up for the fight. Haousty used the rocket fuel that was still slopping around in his guts from Friday night to make the square his own with half a doz possessions and in particular a nice link up and goal with the other half of the HA HA duo in The Pest. The heat was telling and there were a few relieved souls when the siren blew to signal the finish of Q1. Gunja had a some encouraging words as the voice was good on the ground but we needed to clean up the kicking efficiency and man up those floating into the forward half so that was the focus for the next quarter. The Sharks kicked 2 goals in a row to start Q2 so it started to look like this was not going to be our day. To the boys credit the 2nd half of the quarter and Q3 was a narrow win to the Dinos with Muzza carrying on from his pewter mug winning form in the first game, Juice and Mill mopping up the loose ball, Jonah providing a target, PD proving he can play anywhere down the spine and Hally showing it would take more than a being bitten by one of our deadliest spiders (Reddy) that morning to keep him away from the contest (I am told his arm, at the time of writing, looks like a watermelon so, big up for commitment). The last quarter was a bit of a let down as the Sharks won the quarter and the game. Hutto let us know that the support for each other in the final quarter was below an acceptable prehistoric standard and something to work on for the games ahead.

DSC_0438     DSC_0559



BOT awards: PD, Gunja, Hally, and The Medallist (pays to stick around for the presos)






A quick beer with the Sharks in the rooms, a shower (perspex dividers supporting a puppet show or three), the presos, few beers and watching the league preseason grand final made for a top afternoon.



A big thanks to Leon for the rub downs before the game again,  Junior Fanta / Reever / Griever kids for running water and the supporters who came to watch. Our next game is vs Margs for our first game on the hallowed turf of Jurassic Park so let’s train like demons and be ready as we had a very close game last year against them.


The first international delegation of Dinosaurs takes off to China today (Wharton, Hall, Haoust, Keech). We will be wearing the dino shirts while at a big trade fair for the first couple of days so should have a bit of content for the website by weeks end and expect to recruit a few nippy rovers for 2015 and support staff for Leon.