Game 3 vs Waroona Demons

5.30pm rolled around on Friday and instead of reaching for a coldie to wash away the angst of the working week or indifference from the cheese and kisses or disrespect from the tin lids…..we took off from the pav in the bus or gathered the family into the car or in Splinter’s case rubbed the sleep from his eyes, looked around the casino hotel room and wondered who the Chinese guy was sleeping in the shower for the night before.

With Keith (Go West’s swing man) at the wheel we arrived into Waroona in good time. We were greeted with 17 degrees with no wind and a light dew meant we had the best possible night conditions.

A quick canvas of who had played the Waroona ground before the game came up with a heavy home ground advantage for the Demons boys but with Jurassic Park like circular dimensions, there was something familiar about the joint.

As we warmed up, the Waroona league team was still training which restricted our pre-game drills. One of the Dino’s was seen to wander over to a Demon who looked like they were in charge and suggested the Auskickers needed to vacate so the big boys of AFL could ply their trade…after running his eyes up and down said Dino’s lumps and bumps with a fat Dinosaur proudly displaying his sword (oh, shit that’s a cane…is this guy serious), he turned to the group and suggested the special needs school was in town and manners probably dictated that they left it to us.

We won the unlose-able toss and kicked with the sprinklers which would pump out of the Yarragadee aquifer all night in an attempt to slow our quicker movers. The first quarter was the opposite of how we usually roll early with quick movement into the forwards. Guesty crumbed like a champ and snapped truly to open proceedings with Reever, Shredder, Whitey and Botts creating more headaches than Craig Hall at Sunday school. To the Demons credit, they out gunned us slightly in the 2nd to keep their chances alive and their strong recruiting drive was threatening to take it away from us. Juice was up and rolling, Zac was giving great drive from half back/centre , Fanta’s intercept marking in 2017 is making Jeremy McGovern look like he is handling soap. Great to have Shane Coenen back in the backline and providing plenty with this up town/down town one touch skills but a side knock to the knee had him iced for the 2nd stanza. Demons capitalised with their bigger bodied midfield starting to offer their forwards some delivery. The Dino’s steadied in the last with a few players having at crack at some different roles and we ran out narrow winners on the night.

Zac Reading was showered in the circle for his first game and a glorious start to what we hope is a long Dino career.

Best : Zac, Fanta, Juice, Reever, Shredder

Late mail is that there has been a protest put in from Waroona about Fanta playing for the Dino’s. Something smelling of the Albany-Hall arrangement in that Waroona are complaining that their team’s structures without Fanta in it have been severely affected and then he goes and gets in the best for the Dino’s to rub their noses in it.

The Waroona boys put on a fine dinner on the house from their kitchen and the full facilities were enjoyed by the boys and families. Magnificent to see Doully, Fanta and Splinters families at the game with Kalani/Aston Heal mainstays rockin wrestling on the sidelines as dad does his stuff.

Congratulations to Maybs for umpiring and speech duties at the presentation which for someone keen to have a kick himself is a big tick.

A one stop bus trip home included another first in Dino history with a male skimpy operating at the Waroona Hotel. Many footy clubs would have turned tail at this environment but not the Dinos. I guess if we can roll with Hally running around as Robin Hood in tights at training, a pair of hot pants when we’re out and about looks a bit dressed up. A few beers at the bar and beer garden, girls kissing on the dance floor to a tone deaf DJ + St Kilda/GWS replay on the big screen provided enough distractions to keep us around for an hour or so.

Thanks to Go West for organizing the bus and providing Keith at a very generous rate given we arrived back at the Pav at 1am.


Keech Out

Game 2 vs Past Times (Carey Park)

22nd April 2017

Our first home game of 2017 had finally arrived and the chance for Splinter and Condo (Donk injured but on drone duties so will be interesting to see some game shots from the sky) to get their first taste of the tight Jurassic Park layout. This was also a significant game given it was the Past Times’s first visit to Jurassic Park with former Dinosaurs Frank Italiano and Pasties’s captain Scotty Sarre on board.
3.30pm rolled around and after embarrassing Mike Kelly with a lil ditty called ‘’Micky Juice’’ to celebrate his 50TH game, we ripped into it with Pasties kicking with the breeze. Each quarter went to the Dinos by a goal or two but the Carey Park boys didn’t let up all game and will be a strong unit in the future.

50 gamesDSC00451


Best – Wal and Fanta. Rowey and Juice had plenty of ‘smell the cow’ moments, Botty presented well and can kick, Kingy rucked and rolled, Mill had the highest tackle count on the ground and Reever got a hospital pass which resulted in him getting ironed out (Donk has a ripper shot of it BTW which I believe is at the framers).  DSC00411


Congratulations to Dools and Hutto on a top job umpiring
which took the heat off the new boys to come up with someone.

Nice touch with the wheel barrow full of ice and beers after the game…taken from the Wongan Hills carnival and the new Dino tent debuted at the ground so innovation is alive and well at the DDFC.

Great to see old players Georgey Nichols, Wang, Squares and Foggs at the game. A few Shane Jones masks, a la Craig Turley in the 90s popped up around the ground which was also a nice dip of the lid to the former Dino who has been the driving force behind the Pastimes.


Preso’s came and went and the casseroles were very well received by all as was the raffled bottle of bourbon won by a Pastimer. Well done to Kev ‘’Chippy’’ Pears who with The Hoggans, (big up to Tash as well) organised the kitchen and to all the boys who helped sell raffle tickets and shell out the beers, softies and wines for the ladies. More rewarding than working for George Colombaris they recon in that hot little room on Saturday night. Excellent work by Leo for a great first game of manly manipulation….he’s still got the fastest fingers in the business.

Great standard set for the rest of the year….next home game is not until the end of June so plenty of time to plan for that.

Next stop, another first with our first game at Waroona on Friday Night 5th of May and another former Dino to tackle in Wardy and maybe PD if he’s about.


For Drone Footage head over to DINO TV page here

For Pics click here

Game 1 vs Margaret River Hawks @ the Hawks Nest

8th April on a beautiful Friday Autumn evening

With only 10 on the bus, we headed out and crossed our fingers that there were car loads of Dinos heading down the highway. The phones began to ring from the boys ahead in cars that there had been a bad crash at Capel and traffic was being diverted inland. We had one of Go West’s best drivers, Keithy, at the wheel (with threats of demotion from Mill ringing in his ears if we got stuck in grid lock and had to forfeit) so with the flick of the wrist, we were trucking through a tuart forest and back onto the highway.

On arriving, a few of the car poolers were kicking the dew off the field with the Margs boys who would normally still be trying to find their boots amongst their sex wax and shark shields. They looked prepared for battle and not showing any of the expected Wongan Hills fatigue having gone to war like ourselves only 6 days previously. There were a few rye smiles between the camps that suggested there were some sore bodies but it was game one so time to get busy in 2017.

The game was a shootout in slippery conditions and could have gone either way so we sang the song just in case. The game was played with tremendous spirit and there was plenty of banter and desperation out on the field which was a credit to both clubs and perhaps a product of having had the weekend before on the squirt with them up at Wongan Hills.

Best – Hally and Hammer with Juice and Rowey offering a bag of tricks for the crowd and Kingy looked very likely up forward taking a few grabs, kicking truly and passing off a couple.

The Margs footy club is open 7 days a week so they know how to pull a beer and the ribs for dinner were spot on. Maybs did a fine job on the presentations and we packed onto the bus and off to Settlers for the few hours of gambling, mingling, pool playing and listening to a dreadlocked dig playing muso with light show which was more entertaining than it sounds. Hainesy was on board with guitar so it was Chisel, Crowded House, Hoodoo Gurus and The Angels sing alongs all the way back to the Pav. At 1.30am we said our good byes and prepared for church later that day.

Nice start to the year boys !

Wongan Hills 2017 Carnival Wrap Up


My my, hey hey, she’s 7am and we’re on our way!!

All aboard and Botty/Heals will be swooped up on the way (pass Heals, back up, drive forward…some stuff never gets old)….signs are good for a cracking weekend in the wheatbelt. Great to see our playing list starting to mirror older masters clubs now with three over 50s (including One Wing Wharton Water boy), 2 blokes who hadn’t played a game of AFL before and a collection of blokes ranging from boarder line flower pickers at their peak like myself to worn warriors from a bygone era.

With Wal at the wheel, we didn’t waste a drop of fuel with the Go West chariot on a collision course for the insanely yielding, record breaking wheat belt and we arrived before midday.

Sean ‘Donk’ Wilson brought along his drone to capture a few pics of our warm up so that will be interesting to see if we look any better from that angle. He will be giving it a run at training now and then so if you’ve got a bald spot, you might want to start practicing the comb over.

2 x 20 min halves each game.. 1.45pm and 4pm both on the main oval in front of huge crowds. Troy Condo, Donk and Splinter ran the guard of honour for their first games so hit the ground with a few corkies.

Game 1: Vic Park Pigs

1.45pm rolled around and we hit the ground running with a ball up extraction, link up and Gunja who floats like a butterfly and smokes like bob marley, found himself on the board early. Griever got a wake up after being assisted into the hard cricket pitch, Marko ‘Stay Lite’ Cahill showed he could play amongst the big boys and made space, marked and found his targets over and over. Wal, Reever and Heals (filthy on Coach Candy Crush that he was started in a back pocket) worked their way into the contest. Up the other end with scores level, The Pigs went back to back with their full forward going BANG BANG…Hoggs went off with a spray worthy of Matty Richardson. ‘The Hoggan straighten up’ worked with Rowdy Cahill laying a couple of his balls and all tackles and Splinter popping his goal cherry with two goal square sealers after some crafty body work.

Result – Dinos by a couple of goals

Game 2: Warnbro Swans

4.00pm arrived about the same time as 38 calf muscles started to protest….nothing prepares for the stop start nature of the game. Wal went into tackle mode with 2 classic run downs and put himself in the frame for most valuable Dino (M-VD), Reever threw down the gauntlet with a trademark willy willy or two and Fish kicked goal of the day with a ball up rove and snap that would make his favourite player, Will Hoskin Elliot sit up and take notice. Shagga obviously took offence that someone was out foul mouthing him (Hoggs) cos the kid got blue, then the umpire ordered Potty Shag to go sit with Poppy Shag on the sidelines. The high drama continued with the umpire getting nude (took his shirt off and threw it down) and suggested that the playing group might do a better job. Funnily enough this distraction stopped a 3 goal streak by Warnbro, One Wing started running water again after a half game break (to wash down the flies we were all swallowing), Mocha got busy in the middle, Maybs prowled the centre like a Balmain Tiger, Cpt Jack kept the wheels rolling to the end which was massive effort for someone who rucked unchanged, Donk and Troy got into the game and impressed more and more as the game went. Dools ran all day for us, helped out another team and umpired a game.

Result – Swans by a goal

Before the siren had finished sounding, the wheel barrows filled with ice and beers rolled onto the ground. In true Dino form, we managed to drain the barrow meant for Warnbro and then wheeled ours off to our tent….quite by accident but yet brilliant. We jumped into the bus back to the hotel, showered and walked back to the presentations.

Awards : Marko and Reever. Marko wanted everyone there to know exactly what went into making a champion so thanked his girlfriend for the smoothie she made him and encouraged everyone to ‘Stay Lite’ which for me was the speech of the night.

Awesome Club Award : Who else ??!! The Dalyellup Dinosaurs.

Hoggan thought the group owed him one so grabbed the mic and told the crowd what it was like to be a Dino, we sang the song on the stage with trophy raised high to a slightly disinterested crowd but winners are grinners and the rest get the picture as they say.

Maybs had the Dino costume on early and became a target for every bloke who didn’t have a girl to dance with which of course were quite a few. Unfortunately by the end of the night, the old Dino suit drenched in beer was misplaced and probably walking down the main street of Wongan right now. Not a total tragedy as it’s time for an upgrade as the Boomers Kangaroo made ours look pretty ordinary. Speaking of ordinary, Troy Condo was far from it and celebrated like a rock star.

Big up to Haousty for the Go West bus and Wal for keeping us moving up and back.

Keeech Out


Dinosaurs 2017 Preseason kicks off this Thurs (9-2-17) at 6pm at Hungry Hollow Car Park


The footy drought is over !!!

We’ll be playing, tipping, fantasy footy selecting and having a frothy at the pav before we know it but first things first. Time to get a few kms in the legs so we can get around enough to grab our fair share of pig skin come game time.

If you have some recruits in mind, get them down early or if they are waiting for the footies (as a few of mine are), let them know that we will be a Jurassic Park in week 3.

Coach Mayberry has called it…….

Date: Thurs 9-2-17

Time: 6pm

Location: The Hollow car park

Program: Light beach run and swim with some cool down stuff

Afters: Beers at The Hollow with light snacks provided


2016 Mandurah Carnival Wrap

Hi All,


Click here 🙂 for Photos

Carnival # 6 – Mandurah 27-8-16

Pickup was at 8am at the Pav under grey skies. The count was 20 players with a few pick ups on the way and a couple of boys already in Perth so about half a doz on the bench and a good mix of plenty of game time in the tangerine but not too much to affect a signature moves on the dance floor later on.

Paul (PB) the bus driver had been hand picked by the Minister of Transport/paid player/carnival specialist, Dangerous David Haoust and he didn’t disappoint. We arrived at the ground ahead of time and filled with tales like John Todd beating up Ron Boucher during his half time address at Swan Districts so trotted off the bus spoiling to chase the bag of wind around a wet and windy Rushton Park.

Murray ‘the man of steel’ Wharton’s influence in the Masters league is considerable and as such, our change rooms were at the main oval with carpet on the floor and warm water in the pipes. We suited up and made our way to our ovals. All three games were to be played on the small (Jurassic Park dimensions) ovals which again were a sign that the league had Murray’s back and he had ours with short, sharp running patterns assured.

Game 1 : We kicked off in game one against a strong Geraldton Mighty Blues outfit with Rowey, Gunja and Kingy leading the way in slippery conditions. The Blue boys hadn’t seen rain for many months and relished the opportunity to wash the red dust off and managed to scape home by a couple of kicks. Unfortunately for them, they had jumped onto the wrong Geraldton oval and the league had no choice but to award the game points to Barberry’s boys and keep their unbeaten record above the 34th parallel (Albany pub to oval experiment excluded) in tact for the year. $2 for Kev for preferring the other teams water boy to me…was it my suit or did ‘he’ have something in the bottle that I didn’t ?

Waroona were short so Maybs, Grieiver, Dools, Heals, Fanta and Cuppy slapped on the Demons/Bombers jumpers and brought many of their guys into the game. The Demons were wrapped with the support they get from us at every opportunity and stumped up $100 for our after dark activities. Well done boys and as you ice those mercenary bumps and bruises, be consoled that your $100 was put to great use for its intended purpose.

Game 2 : After some fancy scheduling footwork we were put up against the Northampton boys which had old 8 Ball King licking his lips with thoughts of last year and off a strong game one. Juice and Rowey put in another strong performance with WD40 bringing sexy back and helping get us across the line and the tangerine machine was starting to roll.

Game 3 : Final game vs Kalgoorlie. If Danni had been at the ground, Rowey would probably have been in a lot of trouble by now (‘You’re a hog Michael’ surely ringing in his ears after game 1 and 2) but she wasn’t so the wolf pack member continued his merry dance and racked em up in the final game. Pothole was a wall at full back, making spot on decisions when a false move would have provided Kal with a goal. A special mention to Stevey ‘Rowdy’ Cahill who found his opposition’s body on a number of occasions to clear a path down the wing and gather a few important possessions himself. A good win and finish to the carnival which built on the momentum of the previous games.

We were done and dusted early so a quick shower and a couple of beers watching the other games on the small ovals, chats with the other players who had finished and a bit of AFL on the TV. The conditions were so bad that the presentations where cancelled and we pulled stumps and headed for the Ravenswood Hotel. Pothole, Barbs, Hammer and 40 showed a misspent youth with some talent on the pool table and a number of the WAGs joined us for a couple of refreshers before adjourning to the restaurant. With 40+ meals to sort out, the Ravi did an excellent job and as the medals where handed out by team Barberry to King, Heal, Kelly and Rowe the table got rowdier and rowdier. Pothole provided a highlight for me with an elderly lady quietly objecting to the levels of noise coming from our table with a ‘tut tut’ look in our direction….Pot calmly leaned over towards her and suggested, ‘stay off the mushroom sauce’.

The band was warming up, Forti had long since ripped his checked sleeves off in an ‘in your face move to Kingy’ and although Hammer was still telling us all it was about time he got a medal, we moved into the main bar and enjoyed a bit of ACDC done dirt cheap. In a dark room with black dominating, we lit the place up with tangerine safari suits, dance offs that had the bouncers taking notice and Pot proving #1 groupie with horns up at the front of the mosh pit.

After a long and winding bus trip of drop offs and emergency stops, we limped into Jurassic Park in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Thanks to Haousty for the bus and carnival specialist bus driver Paul. Big up to Muzz and Fanta for the promotion and organisation of the night and Barberry for their work in getting guys game time in positions they wanted and still keeping us more than competitive. Well done to those boys that helped out Waroona and good on the girls who came along and made it a night remember…most of it anyway.